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Thu, Aug 21st
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  • Live 9 101
    Beginner's Guide
  • This new beginner’s guide –by Ableton expert Bill Burgess– is designed to get every Live newbie up and making tracks fast! So, if you're looking to go Live, start right here, right now with this entertaining and informative course!
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Thu, Aug 14th

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Wed, Aug 27th
  • Review: Sugar Bytes Egoist
  • A sample slicer, TB-303 emulation, drum module, and effects sequencer... all in one plug-in! Egoist packs a lot of functionality and does it in true Sugar Bytes style as Darren Burgos discovers.
Thu, Aug 28th
Wed, Aug 27th
  • PreSonus Ships Progression 3
  • There's lots of interesting new features in PreSonus Progression 3. This composing software for guitar, bass and drums includes a new chord library, notation features and effects from Studio One.
Wed, Aug 27th
  • Mixing Guitars: Layering Acoustics
  • So you've decided to record some beautiful acoustic guitar parts to go along with your electric sections? Here's some tips from session guitar veteran, Rich Tozzoli, on how to layer them in the mix.
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Customers Reviews

Loving the course so far. Very detailed and so easy to follow. In the past I fall asleep trying to listen to online tutorials. Not with Michael. He doe...
Aug 26, 2014
Very educative and informative course. I like it very very much! Need to watch more....
Aug 26, 2014
Very clear and precise instruction. loved the short vids. Real world analogies were helpful in understanding what situations you would use certain tools.
Aug 26, 2014
I plowed through this course in one night and came away with a great list of tips and tricks. I tried out several techniques from this course the next day ...
-Alex Vollmer
Aug 25, 2014
Once again, digging the brief introduction to the new gems of Logic Pro X. Cool demos and very useful from the first instant. Plus - I wanna learn more!
Aug 25, 2014
Steve's approach always anticipates creative reaches with the software. I appreciate that. No different here with the Arpeggiator.What a tool! ( in a good ...
-Dell Little
Aug 24, 2014
I am in the process of learning to use a DAW (in my case, Cubase). This course provided me with some readily useful knowledge in specifically two areas: t...
-Jean Cloutier, Quebec
Aug 23, 2014
Little bit disappointed because this course focused on Calendar, Contacts and Mail. I was hoping little bit more of tweeting and optimizing Mavericks. Mayb...
Aug 23, 2014
A brisk and informative overview of a recording session with some really great tips on recording and mixing. Nice song too.
-Will Humphreys
Aug 22, 2014
Excellent course! I've been taking piano and theory lessons recently and this sped up my learning curve immensely. Looking forward to mastering some of the...
Aug 21, 2014
11 out of 10. Absolutely brilliant insight into some tricks of the trade from an obvious expert.
-Brett C
Aug 21, 2014
I tell you what, I've been doing VO recording and editing for 12 years, and wish I had this tutorial some years back. I just learned things the hard way. F...
-Dell Little
Aug 21, 2014
Nothing bad to say, very good course. However maybe little bit more practical examples would have been great?
Aug 21, 2014
David Earl has excellent delivery and clarity while covering the details of Drummer. Seems to have much experience already on this wonderful tool.
-Dell Little
Aug 21, 2014
Once I've gotten used to Jonathon's speed and delivery, I like the pace. Though it is a little faster than I can really catch the details. But that's what ...
-Dell Little
Aug 20, 2014
Pretty OK course, couple handy tips. Educator was good but maybe the content should have been little bit comprehensive?... however it's not your fault that...
Aug 20, 2014
Probably the most practical course I've watched so far, and essential for taking my tracks to the next level. Thank you very much.
Aug 20, 2014
Very good course even if it wasn't my style of music. Miro has a very stable and warm voice. Good educator!
Aug 20, 2014
Nice course! Great presenter. Really appreciate the sound design component.
Aug 19, 2014
Well, not easy stuff in this one but it is very well explained. I will certainly have to redo some parts of this course to fully understand but this is no...
Aug 19, 2014

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