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Tue, Nov 24th
  • Orchestration 102
    The Wind Section
  • The wind section is the most colorful section of the orchestra. In this course, you learn all about the instrument families, their techniques and articulations and how to score for them. So master the winds with our favorite maestro, Thomas Goss!
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Wed, Nov 25th
Wed, Nov 18th
Thu, Nov 19th
  • Ozone 7
    Mastering Toolbox
  • Ozone 7 is here and it’s got all kinds of new modules to learn and explore. See the new vintage processors and catchup on all the new features as explained by expert trainer Matt Hepworth.
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Mon, Nov 16th
  • Sample Logic 101
    CINEMORPHX Deciphered
  • CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic is a film and game composer’s dream, sound design machine. It's deep & powerful, and trainer Joe Albano worked very closely Sample Logic in designing this must see course. It’s amazing. Check it out!
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Tue, Nov 17th
  • GarageBand 201
    Production Workflows
  • Apple’s GarageBand has a lot of powerful features. It’s great for creating podcasts, scoring video, songwriting & dance music. It’s also an excellent teaching tool! Take this course to rapidly expand your GarageBand universe!
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Customers Reviews

Glad I came across this course. While some knowledge on theory was familiar to me, was amazed at how much I didn't know. This course will lead me to more...
-Excellent videos!
Nov 27, 2015
This one really stands out, both teacher and tutorial. It was a pleasure watching and listening.
Nov 26, 2015
This is an exquisite course. It succinctly guides you through all of the critical aspects to setting up complex yet optimised sample orchestral templates. ...
-Kevin Nolan
Nov 26, 2015
Great! A new approach to Cubase (at least for me)! Never used the video track in Cubase at all, but now I feel comfortable enough to try it out. Thankyou!
-Lutz Martin
Nov 26, 2015
I've watched a bunch of Tutorials and this one stands apart. Engaging & relevant throughout, Daniel Wyatt put together a very comprehensive workflow full o...
Nov 25, 2015
This course opened my eyes to how robust the EastWest libraries are for composers. David Earl is an outstanding instructor going through the libraries on ...
Nov 25, 2015
Excellent course. Inspired me to dig deeper into Komplete Kontrol and its interactions with Logic automation. Thank you.
Nov 24, 2015
Phenomenal description and quick way to quantize audio. Easily articulated and great tutorial. Thank you!
Nov 23, 2015
Such a useful Tutorial course. I have just signed up for Composers Cloud Complete because I needed some Instruments I don't yet own and this tutorial got ...
-Jono not Bono
Nov 23, 2015
Truly one of if not the best and most in depth looks into the power of the EW libraries and PLAY engine I've found. This course not only made what I once c...
Nov 21, 2015
Excellent overview of the amazing plug-out synths from Roland. I especially enjoyed the history of each of the classic synths covered.
Nov 21, 2015
I've been navigating blind for far too long in this program. SO AMAZING to finally know what everything means.
Nov 19, 2015
Thanks for the confidence booster! I think I'm getting the hang of drawing- my pot plant looks great although my hand proportions are way off- fingers are ...
-kathie Smith
Nov 16, 2015
its a lot of good info i will most definitely become a good student in production
-darryl shepard
Nov 16, 2015
I have trouble in fully understanding synthesis but this course was helpful in every level of a subject i'm trying to fully to get to grips with. I have qu...
Nov 15, 2015
This really is a nice and interesting overview about some of the most popular dance music styles. I learned a lot about the typical elements and structure...
Nov 15, 2015
If you can't answer the questions in the outline of this course then you need to watch this tutorial. Covers the important foundations and definitions of v...
-A. Spooner
Nov 13, 2015
I really like his tutorials. This time he gives also a small historical overview of the different music genres. Actually the trance and edm tracks are real...
Nov 13, 2015
I now have a better understanding of scales and their types, which define certain music styles I've always wanted to learn and there are some really useful...
Nov 12, 2015
I have had volca beats for awhile now but never really dove in to its more advanced settings. I've been looking to add more textures into my ableton produc...
Nov 11, 2015

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