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Wed, Sep 17th
  • Ear Training 103
    Rhythm & Listening Skills
  • In previous courses you’ve learned how to listen for melody and harmony. Now it’s time to zoom out and discover how to hear rhythm! This course, with its challenging listening exercises, teaches you how to hear music’s powerful pulse. Educate your ears with Gregg Fine!
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Thu, Sep 18th
  • Kontakt 302
    Advanced Instrument Design
  • This advanced instrument design course, by Scott Freiman, gives you the knowledge to unleash the programming power in Native Instruments' Kontakt. Learn how to create the Kontakt instrument you've always dreamed of!
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Thu, Sep 11th
  • iZotope RX 4
    Audio Repair Toolbox 2
  • iZotope’s RX 4 is here and so is audio expert Matt Hepworth to show you how this re-imagined RX works! Learn all about RX 4’s new audio restoration, forensic and enhancement technologies in this comprehensive 4+ hour course!
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Mon, Sep 15th
Tue, Sep 2nd
  • SongCraft Presents 104
    Songwriting with Turin Brakes
  • Indie band, Turin Brakes, showed up at our SxSW studios in Austin to subject themselves to our patented, “song-in-a-day” stress test! See how this awesome band and “Team Dubway” capture the musical magic in this marathon songwriting and production course!
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Wed, Sep 3rd
  • Waves 201
    The Abbey Road Collection Explored
  • The Beatles productions have an amazing sonic quality. A lot of it is attributed to the custom gear they used at Abbey Road Studios. Learn about that gear and how to use Waves’ authentic Abbey Road plugins in this Beatles-worthy course by Joe Albano.
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Sun, Sep 21st
Sun, Sep 21st
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  • There's external drives and there's external drives... Iain Anderson, always on the look out for superior performance, puts the OWC Thunderbay IV 12TB box to the test in this in-depth review.
Sat, Sep 20th
Sun, Sep 21st
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Customers Reviews

… and thanks for mentioning the animation program, Toon Boom. Never would I have found this software unless hearing it from this tutorial. Toon Boom s...
-Kurt L Hanson
Sep 20, 2014
Very clean and clear. A very good introduction to RX4. Thanks you very much !
-Vincent Fromont
Sep 20, 2014
This course helped me getting started with Reaper. I liked all the series so much that I already bought the download version too. I highly recommend it!
-Tadeu Caldararo
Sep 20, 2014
Super informative and practical course. I really like that some of the most basic synth sounds are being constructed in the tutorials. It's a great supplem...
-Christopher Aronson
Sep 20, 2014
Informative and inspiring!
-Shelton Summons
Sep 20, 2014
Best tutorial I've watched on Kontakt 5 to date! Lot of power user tools explained here!
-Shelton Summons
Sep 20, 2014
This entire series is a must learn it all for musicians, audio engineers, home studio owners and all the music lovers. You learn lots of concepts in theo...
-Tadeu Caldararo
Sep 20, 2014
A good outline describing the work involved were I to create my own characters. Being a perfectionist of sorts, I will most likely in the future hire an an...
-Kurt Hanson
Sep 19, 2014
excellent lesson and well presented by david issac. this is my first lesson mixing r'n'b in logic. i found the lessons most helpful. well done to ya all ...
Sep 17, 2014
A nice overview of using fonts and colours in web pages. I especially liked the information on web fonts as I hadn't come across those before. Unfortunatel...
Sep 17, 2014
This is a GREAT course on dynamics, especially the detail on how compressors work.
-Andy Dietrich
Sep 16, 2014
Cut to the chase, no muss no fuss perfect! Anyone should be off and running straight away even as Siobhan explains it, thx ; r )
Sep 16, 2014
One of the best (music/daw) courses I have seen on macProVideo to date! More of these (Olav's) please !
Sep 14, 2014
I thought the course was really good, as I am a beginner in mastering and also new to Studio One . The content and course lay out was really easy to foll...
Sep 14, 2014
Excellent course, truly. Not 5-stars because really I would have liked to see the "process" from start to finish instead of the many different tools from m...
-Clifford James
Sep 14, 2014
Triple-WOW! Today, I got my copy of RX4 and just found this absolute fresh video on MPV!!! Was just a fan of the RX3-Video and of MLT Hepworth anyway! Th...
Sep 12, 2014
A brilliant chapter in the SongCraft Presents series! Extra added value in the dual trace through signal chain in both Pro Tools and Logic Pro.
-R. Stull
Sep 11, 2014
Not simply a Dubstep course, Hollin is teaching lots of Reason stuff which would be helpful in several music genre. Was a good refresh of other Reason cou...
Sep 11, 2014
Great course on music theory and how chords are build. Helped me to understand music basics.
Sep 10, 2014
Great course. Covers MIDI functionality, as related to the Reason sequencer and MIDI editor, quite well. Cut, copy, paste, continuous controllers, automat...
-R. Stull
Sep 10, 2014

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