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  • Logic Pro X 401
    Xtreme Drums & Beats
  • Derail Drummer... Unhinge Ultrabeat... This outrageous, 2+ hour course, by outlaw Logic adventurer Bill Burgess, takes the art of creating beats to il-Logic-al limits! Take your Logic Pro X beat making to the Xtreme!
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  • iZotope Ozone 6
    Mastering Toolbox
  • iZotope’s Ozone 6 is a formidable mastering tool packed with every kind of processor you need to master any kind of track. This course, filled with musical examples is the best way to learn Ozone 6. Master like a pro!
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Fri, Oct 24th
Tue, Oct 28th
  • DaVinci Resolve 101
    Getting Started
  • DaVinci Resolve is a high-end, color grading package and full-featured video editing software rolled into one. Get up and running fast with this introductory course by expert colorist Andrew Balis.
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Thu, Oct 16th
  • OS X Yosemite 100
    What's New in OS X Yosemite
  • Apple’s Yosemite (pronounced yo-sem-it-tee) is the next step in the inevitable confluence of features, of OS X and iOS software. Get a mountaintop view of some of Yosemite’s dramatic landscapes in this FREE course by Francesco Schiavon.
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Mon, Oct 20th
  • Film Craft 109
    The Editor
  • You've shot miles and miles of footage... Now what? Learn essential film and video editing techniques in this information-packed, example-filled, Film Craft course by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl.
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MPV's Michael Wohl took me on a Motion 5 informational journey. I must open Motion 5 and take this knowledge out for a test drive and make the canvas come ...
-Info packed
Oct 29, 2014
it's always a pleasure to hear jordan rudess play, and watching these videos is twice as enjoyable. you get to see numerous close-ups of the keyboard while...
Oct 29, 2014
I really like this guy! I think I like this upgrade a little more tho!! Good gig MacPro!!
Oct 29, 2014
MPV is powerful and the trainers selected fall inline with that power structure. Roy Vargas clear simple instructions, powerful combination indeed. Ren
-Powerful Indeed!
Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014
Never before has a tutorial on MIDI editing made me laugh out loud - in a good way! Bill's style is incredibly fresh, funny and most of all informative. A ...
-Brett C
Oct 29, 2014
Ah ha!!! I didn't know I can do that moment was encountered multiple time during this module. Great Job by Francesco Schiavon. Ren
-That I can do that moment!
Oct 29, 2014
Great job on this tutorial, GW! Love the pacing, content, and your enthusiasm about the subject.
-Rob Varro
Oct 28, 2014
Mark Gatter knocks it out the park again with a super informative training module that will point you in the right direction. RGL
-Very Informative
Oct 27, 2014
I don't draw but I am fascinated with film and this is really my first tutorial that has to do with the language of story telling. This vid does a great jo...
Oct 27, 2014
Great course and such a great instructing with combination of Logic Pro X and creative audio routing in clearly and logically laid out structure. Thank you
Oct 27, 2014
Well presented and concise, right to the point with the major changes from our last OS X. Great Job!
-Vern Scott
Oct 27, 2014
Thanks for the tutorial. Would love to hear more obvious examples of the Attack Speed tool. Some were quite subtle. One thing.. Amp Envelopes use ADSR, ...
Oct 27, 2014
Excellent, like the other Motion courses by Michael. Goes into a lot of detail without causing confusion & shows great passion for the application. And why...
Oct 26, 2014
Wether your studying for certification or just want to be very good at what you do, McProVideo is the route to travel. This tutorial is one of the roads to...
-Dont expect anything less than t
Oct 26, 2014
A wonderful overview of Melodyne. I have been using this software for a while, but i was totally self taught. This course filled in a lot of gaps, many of ...
-District Sound Lab
Oct 25, 2014
Youtube: you learn from some kid/person that just learn a new mixing trick. MacProVideo: You Learn from a professional in a given field! Winning! winning! ...
-Learning ProTools from the best!
Oct 25, 2014
Pretty nice information on what's now available with the new OS X Yosemite, especially the integration between IOS and OS X.
Oct 25, 2014
Inspirational and detailed exploration of some powerful techniques and experimental effects for rhythm generation and manipulation in Logic. Will be return...
-Will Humphreys
Oct 25, 2014
I'm not a bass player but wanted to get this knowledge. Very detailed course, a bit too much for what I could assimilate, but for a real player, I believe...
Oct 25, 2014

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