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دسترسی به حق بیمه رایگان

دسترسی به کتابخانه تمام ما از مقالات توپی حق بیمه ، فایل های پروژه و اولین 10 ٪ از هر یک از مقالات ویدئو از کتابخانه خودآموز آنلاین.

ایجاد حساب کاربری رایگان شما در حال حاضر!

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Spectrasonics Trilian انتشار خودآموز
ترجمه شده توسط گوگل ترجمه

سلام وجود دارد ، آن نوشتن مارتین...

We've got some exciting audio tutorial news today ... hot of the digital press is our new Trilian 101: Core Trilian tutorial by Jonathan Perl.
We've also created a new "Hot Products" section on the site that you can use to
research and learn about cutting-edge technology from today's leading audio companies.

25 ٪ خاموش Trilian جدید 101 (و همه آموزش macProVideo.com) با این کد کوپن تا 12 مارس ، 2010 :

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آموزش Trilian وارد میشود...

سلام ، استیو H از غیرخطی آموزش در اینجا به شما خوش آمد به هسته Trilian

Trilian 101 : هسته Trilian

Trilian® is much more than a simple sampler. It is high energy bass machine with a massive set of articulations and gestures that combine together utilizing
advanced Round Robin technologies to give you, the programmer, the ability to create the most realistic bass parts and outrageous bass sounds imaginable.

This bass beast has so much horsepower that we decided to hand the tutorial reins to our master trainer, Jonathan Perl. Jonathan knows Spectrasonic's products better
than anyone else on the planet (except perhaps Eric Persing himself). In this incredibly in-depth tutorial Jonathan reveals all of Trilian's inner workings shedding
light on the advanced synthesis and sample playback power that is hidden beneath its awesome virtual faceplate

25 ٪ تخفیف این عنوان را با استفاده از کد کوپن را در بالای این پست.

کانال محصولات جدید

At macProVideo.com, we work with some of the biggest Audio Software manufacturers in the world to ensure you get only exceptional training. We've released a new Hot Products
section on the site to showcase cool new products from some of the vendors we're currently working with

ارسال یک کانال محصولات داغ

We've already posted videos from Apogee Electronics, iZotope Inc.,
and Universal Audio. You can visit our Hot Products channel now and get a quick tour of new software and hardware from these excellent audio companies.

محصولات گرم کانال در macProVideo.com همیشه رایگان است . هر کسی می تواند این فیلم ها در هر زمان تماشا کنید ، به طوری دوستان خود می دانند به این منبع عالی مقایسه موجود است در اینجا در macProVideo.com اجازه!

برای ادامه حمایت خود را از آموزش غیر خطی و macProVideo.com!

Martin Sitter
NonLinear Educating Inc.

Martin Sitter

Martin Sitter | Articles by this author

Martin Sitter is the Founder of macProVideo.com. Martin started out as a DJ and Record Producer in the 90s. At the turn of this Century, Martin was recruited by Apple Computers to design and author their Official Software Training Curriculum for Logic, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Martin wrote the Original Apple Pro Training series books for the above topics. He's also a best-selling technical author of over a dozen books, spanning various topics in audio and video editing & design.


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