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iMovie 9 vs. 11

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  • adam8
  • Forum Member
Hi all!

I've had a hard time determining what the actual differences are between iMovie 9 and 11. I will be purchasing your iMovie 9 tutorial, but I may be doing an important project in iMovie 11, so I want to know how different it is to iMovie 9, and how much of a learning curve there might be.

Also, if I shoot video with my iPhone4, will it be easily imported into iMovie 11? And what if I do any editing on my phone with the iMovie for iPhone app, then export to iMovie 11 on my Macbook Pro?

Thanks in advance for any info on this.

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  • Rounik
  • Administrator
Hey Adam!

Here's a little article on iMovie '11 new audio editing features...

There's not as much of a learning curve between 09 and 11 as there is between 06 and 08...

The main metaphor of editing is much the same - but there are added features that make editing video and audio easier and more flexible.

I edit my iPhone4 movies in iMovie 11 all the time - it's seamless!

If you edit on your iPhone then export to your Mac you'll be exporting the final edited movie. So bear in mind you won't be exporting the project as such... Hope that makes sense.


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  • adam8
  • Forum Member
Thank you, as always, Rounik, for your prompt and informative response. Much appreciated.

When you mention in the last paragraph about exporting edited movies from iPhone to a Mac, what I understand that to mean is that the editing that was done in the iPhone will not be able to be continued in the Mac. However, a new project can be started with that movie, to be edited as I wish in iMovie 11?
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  • Rounik
  • Administrator
Hi Adam,

Yup! You got it... So the final edit from your iPhone could be placed on your Mac. It would simply be a finished .mov file. You could then import that into iMovie on your Mac and edit it... but you won't be able to easily change any of the edits previously made on the iPhone before exporting it to your mac...

Oh... I've got to try writing shorter sentences ;-)
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  • adam8
  • Forum Member
O.K. Got it, Rounik. Thanks a lot. Yes. I'll produce a tutorial.

Title - "I Can Do It. So Can You."

Subject - writing short sentences.

Thank? You?

Good day ;-)
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  • Rounik
  • Administrator
Ha. LOL!

I. Agree. With. You.

Not look what I'm doing... none of my sentence have any real meaning! When you've created this tutorial, let me know... I need it!


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  • Forum Member

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