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Motion 3 105

3D In Motion

48 videos | 191 minutes | by Jim Kanter

10 Reviews | Submit a Review
Jul 11th, 2008
Motion 3 105 3D In Motion Product Image

With the addition of 3D cameras & lighting, Motion 3 is now a world-class application for animating 3D effects. This tutorials shows you the way!

Lights, camera, action! There's a whole other dimension in Motion 3 that many people never even think about - 3D! Indeed, with it's incredible 3D feature set, Motion 3 makes it easy to create complex fly-throughs and photo-realisitic renderings of almost any scene you can imagine.

In this 3-hour tutorial by veteran educator Jim Kanter, you'll learn all aspects of Motion's amazing 3D features including how to place objects on a plane, creating cameras and lights, and animating your scenes to create stunning realism and visual effects.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don['t need to watch it from beginning to end. Use the detailed menus and keyword search features to quickly find topics of interest. For a full list of what this tutorial contains, check out the Table of Contents.

For a full list of the topics covered, see the Tutorial Outline
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