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Wed, Jul 27th
Thu, Jul 28th
  • Universal Audio 201
    Learn The Mix Console
  • Universal Audio’s Mix Console software is the heart and soul of any UA-based system. But, like any console, it has complexities that must me mastered to get the most out of it. Watch this course and see how The Mix Console works!
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Thu, Jul 21st
Tue, Jul 26th
  • Premiere Pro CC 101
    Get Started Now!
  • Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC video editing software is now the default industry standard. For an editor, this is the main tool of the trade. Learn Premiere the right way in this 27-tutorial course by professional editor, Kevin McAuliffe.
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Tue, Jul 19th
  • Kronos 101
    Kronos Essentials
  • The Kronos is the king of Korg keyboards. Used by top performers, like Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, the Kronos generates a massive universe of sound when you learn how to use it. So, learn the Kronos now!
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Wed, Jul 20th

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I absolutely LOVE all of Peter's tutorials! Both MIDI orchestration courses and his Logic score editor tutorials are the best money that I've ever spent. I...
Jul 29, 2016
I am starting out with Cubase Elements 8 and was finding it hard to get a good basic understanding of how and why things work the way they do. Even though ...
-Mike Philcox
Jul 29, 2016
Really informative tutorial. Showed me lots that I did not know was possible, especially the tutorials on the CV system.
-Troy Carpenter
Jul 28, 2016
Great job! Just the right pace and gradient! Also the choice of what to focus on, being a crash course, is correct.
Jul 27, 2016
Mastering is not a Joke. This course really help to better understand the techniques behind "the art of mastering". For me it was absolutely useful!
-Giuseppe Dio
Jul 26, 2016
Spectacular course! Really interesting, useful and enjoiable. It covers the basics and goes beyond giving tips and musical suggestions...
-Giuseppe Dio
Jul 26, 2016
Outstanding review of wave synthesis. It's great to be shown where this all came from and why. Now I can actually understand what knob I'm tweaking and wh...
-G Crook
Jul 26, 2016
Hi RR Your knowledge on sound synthesis is amazing. The same with dubstep, and I feel sad for your students at ICOM. they Gona miss you I follow all you...
-Joseph Azaredo
Jul 26, 2016
Wow! I pieced my way though this over some months to get an overview of MIDI and am glad I did. Learned some things about controllers to watch for when b...
-sound painter
Jul 24, 2016
Great and useful course. It helps to go over the presets, teaching techniques useful both with Ozone and with other mastering tools.
-Giuseppe Dio
Jul 24, 2016
Very good course. Covers the most important features of Ozone 7. Almost a must if you are new to Ozone
-Giuseppe Dio
Jul 24, 2016
Mr. Schwartz does an excellent job presenting the course material. His speaking style and the course content go well together. I would, however, prefer to...
-Tellmee Moore
Jul 23, 2016
Good course to understand the editors so often ignored. After viewing this I will make more effort to use these editors.
Jul 22, 2016
After viewing this course I realised that my understanding of the global tracks was sadly lacking & the effect of its use on apple loops on key & tempo sho...
Jul 21, 2016
Working with Final Cut Pro X is fun but challening. That is caused by the vastness of the program. Following the new ccourses by M. Wohl just make it so mu...
-B. B. B. Kjelbye
Jul 21, 2016
This course from Booker Edwards Jr. explained the Global Tracks of Logic Pro in a clear, personable and intelligent way. I devoured the whole course in one...
-david batchelor
Jul 21, 2016
This is a must view course if your new or inexperienced at recording vocals. It covers everything you must know to get that performance needed.
Jul 20, 2016
This course is very good if you are a novice to iPad. A lot of practical tips will help you on the way to master this device.
-B. B. B. Kjelbye
Jul 18, 2016
Really great exploration of the synth. I've gotten about half way through, and it really helps in getting one acquainted with how the basis of synthesis wo...
-Julian Cassia
Jul 15, 2016
I loved it and look foward to more from this teacher. He is a great explainer and knows what hes talking about
Jul 14, 2016

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