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Sat, Aug 12th
  • Symphony Essentials 101
    Symphony Essentials Explored
  • With its meticulously sampled instruments, NI’s Symphony Essentials lets you create authentic-sounding MIDI orchestral scores. Join trainer Matt Vanacoro in this 20-tutorial course, and see how this amazing Kontakt library can help you compose epic soundtracks!
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Wed, Aug 16th
  • Logic Pro X 410
    The ART of House Music
  • If you use Apple's Logic Pro X and produce House Music or any kind of EDM then this course is for you. Learn pro techniques with legendary producer Olav Basoski and get instant musical inspiration to fuel your next house track!
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Wed, Aug 2nd
Wed, Aug 9th
  • Dance Music Sound Design 304
    Drums Advanced
  • Now that you know the basics of designing drum sounds, it’s time to get deeper. In this advanced dance music sound design course, EDM expert Adam Pollard delivers a wealth of innovative tools, tips and inspiration to help you design killer beats.
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Thu, Jul 20th
  • Elektron 106
    RYTM: Perform and Produce
  • Elektron’s Analog RYTM combines the punch of analog percussion with the flexibility of digital samples. Watch this in-depth 2.5-hour + course by Elektron artist and trainer Thavius Beck, and learn everything this all-in-one beat machine has to offer!
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Wed, Jul 26th
  • Logic Pro FastTrack 302
    10.3x Workflow Tips
  • SfLogicNinja David Earl is back with lots of little-known, Logic insider tips guaranteed to speed up your Logic workflow. Watch this laser-focussed, 18-tutorial course, and learn how to work faster with Apple’s Logic Pro X.
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Sat, Aug 19th
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Awesome Lesson! Very straight to the point and I love the Diversity of synths he uses. I personally only have Massive and FM8 but I am wanting Serum and I ...
Aug 16, 2017
Excellent series of videos. Covers every aspect of the Peak. I can't wait to get one. Rishabh's videos are great. Hope he will do a 201 series on how to ma...
Aug 13, 2017
Really good tutorials of Rytm with Overbridge capabilities. This has inspired me to love the Rytm's many capabilities. I would love to see a similar video ...
-Mario Ghecea
Aug 13, 2017
David is always really helpful and detailed in providing the correct information and walking you through each process of the program, concisely and clearly...
-Christopher Thake
Aug 12, 2017
Excellent! really helpful.
Aug 10, 2017
great tutorial. clear and concise. thanks!
Aug 10, 2017
Makes learning the 0-Coast a breeze. Thanks !!
Aug 8, 2017
Extremely helpful. Looking forward for more Make Noise tutorials.
Aug 8, 2017
This is exactly what I was looking forward to knowing for vocal production. I'd like to thank to Denny. Highly recommend this!!!
Aug 6, 2017
God cource to get a quick overview of abletons fx, and how to use them.
-Mattias Nilsson
Aug 4, 2017
Great job Matt. You have given me a few extra tidbits to take with me. I like the fake comedian picture. He looks better with hair though lol.
-The Chosen One
Aug 3, 2017
I learned a lot from the course. Many good tips, and techniques. I can really recommend it. DJ Kiva is my favourite trainer here on Ask Video.
-Mattias Nilsson
Aug 3, 2017
Very Good and thorough explanations, a little brief but still able to get the jist of it
Aug 2, 2017
I really enjoyed this. It was very informative and useful. I'm eagerly looking forward to next course Mr. Rajan does on the Modular V. The sequencer is a m...
-Kevin R.
Aug 2, 2017
Good Tutorial, it's an example to aproaching mix in a quite different way from usual. Depth of mix and use of Reverbs and Delays with EQing and Compressio...
-Luigi Suardi
Aug 2, 2017
Awesome, thorough teaching by this man, he know his stuff, really fantastic teacher
Aug 1, 2017
A lot of great tricks for making variations in Drum programing. I hope there's a 3rd version coming soon.
-Pat A
Jul 31, 2017
This course really is very helpful in understanding the audio and MIDI clips for a beginner because of the simplicity of the presentation. Good job!
Jul 29, 2017
Outstanding. I love this tutorial. And it is clear by the pieces of music used in the examples that Peter is a talented composer. Once again, thank you.
Jul 27, 2017
an amazin tutorial :) thanks a lot mr.HEPWORTH sir :)expalined in very simplified n well structured way :)
-amit shetye
Jul 27, 2017

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