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Elisabeth Robson

Elisabeth Robson
Elisabeth Robson has been web programming since there has been a web! From creating innovative site design to authoring renowned educational resources, she is firmly established as the goto person for everything web.


Elisabeth first got hooked on computers when she wrote a BASIC program to fill up her Commodore 64's monitor screen full of hearts and she's loved getting computers to do fun things ever since. She's tinkered with everything from super computers to her iPhone. And, she's been programming the Web since the early days, when she built one of the first online resources for women in technology.  

Along with her many years of programming experience, Elisabeth has produced online training and written three best-selling books for O'Reilly Media, and is currently co-founder and principal at WickedlySmart, an education content and technology company.

When not in front of her computer, you’ll find Elisabeth hiking, cycling or kayaking in the great outdoors, with her camera nearby.

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