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MIDI Explained and Explored
  • Studio One 103
  • MIDI Explained and E...
  • 2 Reviews
  • In this 22-tutorial course, trainer Gary Hiebner unpacks all the Studio One MIDI tools and techniques you absolutely need to know. Watch this course to expand your PreSonus Studio One MIDI knowledge base!
Audio Explained and Explored
  • Studio One 102
  • Audio Explained and ...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Now it’s time to dive into audio in PreSonus Studio One 3. Watch this 28-tutorial course by trainer Gary Hiebner to learn essential audio tools and techniques from editing to mastering.
Absolute Beginner
  • Studio One 101
  • Absolute Beginner's ...
  • 2 Reviews
  • PreSonus Studio One 3.2 is here and so is trainer Gary Hiebner with this very comprehensive Absolute Beginner's Guide. Get a jump start on this full-featured DAW in this 25-tutorial course.
Learn Tracktion Now!
  • Tracktion 101
  • Learn Tracktion Now!
  • No Reviews
  • Tracktion is often called, “the musician's DAW”. That’s because it combines an intuitive, streamlined, single-screen interface with tons of powerful features. See how Tracktion works in this 28-tutorial course by Gary Hiebner.
Max For Live FX Explored
  • Live 9 206
  • Max For Live FX Expl...
  • 11 Reviews
  • Ableton Live comes jam-packed with a ton of factory Max FX and Plugins. What do they do? How do they work and how do you use them? Find out right now in this exploratory course by Gary Hiebner...
Mixing and Mastering Toolbox
  • Studio One 104
  • Mixing and Mastering...
  • 3 Reviews
  • Studio One is a mixing and mastering machine and Gary Hiebner is here to show you all the tools that this Presonus DAW has buried deep in its vast audio toolbox...
Advanced MIDI Toolbox
  • Studio One 103
  • Advanced MIDI Toolbo...
  • 4 Reviews
  • As a Studio One user you need know about its deep MIDI implementation. Learn to record, edit and make MIDI magic in this in-depth course featuring trainer Gary Hiebner.
Producers and Engineers Toolbox
  • Studio One 102
  • Producers and Engine...
  • 7 Reviews
  • Now that you've got the Studio One basics down, it's time to start thinking about some production techniques. In this course, you learn the basic tools and tips to get you tracking your tunes like a pro.
Songwriters & Musicians Toolbox
  • Studio One 101
  • Songwriters & Musici...
  • 8 Reviews
  • As an artist and a songwriter, you want to create music using a vehicle that can move your ideas forward, as smoothly as possible. Say hello to Studio One, a DAW that's a perfect fit for your creativity...
Mixing and Automation
MIDI, Instruments and Plugins
  • Reaper 103
  • MIDI, Instruments an...
  • 2 Reviews
  • Composer/producer Gary Hiebner is back with a deep course on Reaper’s powerful MIDI implementation. So if you make music using MIDI, check it out!
Working With Audio
  • Reaper 102
  • Working With Audio
  • 1 Reviews
  • See how Reaper’s advanced audio recording and editing tools propel this powerful platform into the upper echelons of the DAW spectrum. Join Reaper evangelist Gary Hiebner in this 23-tutorial audio exploration...
Introduction to Reaper
  • Reaper 101
  • Introduction to Reap...
  • 6 Reviews
  • Move over big name DAWs because Reaper is here! Reaper is a fully realized, affordable DAW that is competing with the big boys! Download a demo version of Reaper and dig into this intro course to see what the excitement is all about...

Gary Hiebner

Gary Hiebner
Gary Hiebner is a prolific South African Sound Designer and Apple Tech Head!


Gary has been heavily involved in the South African music industry for the last 10 years. His recording studio, Soundbase, has been a center for creative musical activity in and around Durban since 2005. Along with performing his own music Gary has also been deeply involved in sound design and music production for many advertising agencies and media houses. Gary is an innovative Logic and Ableton expert user and a regular and insightful contributor to our MPV Hub. He also dabbles with ProTools, and other esoteric sound design tools, such as Max/MSP and CSound.

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