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Exporting and Sharing
  • Media Composer 6 107
  • Exporting and Sharin...
  • 2 Reviews
  • Learn the essentials of finalizing and exporting your Media Composer 6 project in this information packed, 34-video collection by Avid Master Trainer, Jeff Greenberg.
Color Correction, FX and Compositing
  • Media Composer 6 106
  • Color Correction, FX...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Check out this 50-video exploration of Media Composer’s vast array of advanced features and FX in this “feature” packed tutorial by Adobe Master Trainer, Jeff Greenberg...
Creating Titles
  • Media Composer 6 105
  • Creating Titles
  • 2 Reviews
  • Master the tools of title creation in this 32-video Media Composer 6 tutorial by Avid Certified trainer Jeff Greenberg...
Working With Audio
  • Media Composer 6 104
  • Working With Audio
  • 1 Reviews
  • Learn how Media Composer 6 manages sound in this audio-centric tutorial by expert editor and MPV trainer Jeff Greenberg...
Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Media Composer 6 103
  • Advanced Editing Tec...
  • 2 Reviews
  • Media Composer is filled with tools and techniques that will get you cutting and trimming video fast! Join MC expert Jeff Greenberg as he opens up his editor's toolbox and shows you everything you need to know...
Basic Editing Techniques
  • Media Composer 6 102
  • Basic Editing Techni...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Learn the fundamentals of editing in this 36-video, Avid Learning Partner tutorial by Media Composer expert Jeff Greenberg...
DSLR Workflows
  • Premiere Pro 5
  • DSLR Workflows
  • 1 Reviews
  • DSLRs are here and they're great at shooting amazing video! Along with new technologies come new challenges in a video editor’s workflow. Join expert trainer Jeff Greenberg as he teaches you how to optimize your DSLR workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro...
  • Media Composer 6 100
  • What's New In Media ...
  • 3 Reviews
  • With so many exciting changes happening in the world of video editing, Avid ups the ante with this latest incarnation of Media Composer. In this FREE overview tutorial, Avid Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you everything that’s new in MC6, and what it means to your workflow...
Organizing and Ingesting Media
  • Media Composer 6 101
  • Organizing and Inges...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Beginning a new video project requires a good amount of an editor’s time spent in pre-production mode. In these Avid Learning Partner tutorial-videos, Avid Certified Media Composer 6 trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you how to get your media properly organized and ingested to make your Media Composer experience fast and efficient...
DSLR Workflows
  • Final Cut Pro X 202
  • DSLR Workflows
  • 4 Reviews
  • As DSLRs become the de facto standard in video production, they bring with them a host of challenges in an editor’s workflow. In this tutorial Final Cut Pro Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you how to optimize your DSLR workflow in FCP X...

Jeff Greenberg

Jeff Greenberg
Jeff dropped out of a pre-med college program to pursue a degree in film. That's passion!...


...by Steve H

Several years ago, while teaching a Logic Pro Certification Class in Philadelphia, I heard another instructor’s voice emanating from the classroom next to mine. He had wonderful, enthusiastic teaching style. I was intrigued and perhaps a bit jealous. So I sleuthed my way over to take a look. It was then that I realized the voice belonged to one of the best technology educators on the planet: Jeff Greenberg!

Over the last decade, Jeff has amassed over 20 different software certifications. He is a Master Adobe, Apple, and Avid Instructor in the areas of editorial, compositing, sound, color correction and compression. Jeff is a sought after seminar speaker as well as a post production specialist/consultant. He is also at the helm of the esteemed Editors Retreat - a yearly, exotic getaway for editors, by editors.

Though Jeff decided not to be a doctor, he approaches education with surgical precision combined with an ever-appealing, friendly personality. He also writes books, articles, and creates wonderful and informative tutorial-videos for macProVideo.com. We at MPV are pleased to welcome Jeff to our family of world-class trainers!

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