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Maria Langer

Maria Langer
Maria Langer has written over 60 Technical books, and is a leading authority on Microsoft Office. One of the world's most prolific technical author's, Maria brings a long history of educating to her macProVideo.com tutorials.


By Martin Sitter

At macProVideo.com, we hire only the best educators in the world. Consequently, when it came time for macProVideo.com to expand into Microsoft Office tutorials, only one name popped to mind: Maria Langer! I've been reading her books for years, and we share the same publisher (Peachpit Press), so I had little doubt that Maria was the perfect trainer for this job.

As a technical author myself, I am in awe of the credentials that Maria brings to the table. With over 60 books to her credit, Maria's experience and understanding of Microsoft Office is unparalleled.

Maria is certainly one of the most prolific authors in the history of technical writing. It is not uncommon for her to write 10 books a year, and she often contributes articles and reviews to computer magazines and professional journals, including Informit.com, FileMaker Pro Advisor, Mac Addict, Mac Design (formerly Mac Today), NetProfessional, Computer User, MacWEEK (now published online only), MacUser (now part of Macworld), and BBS (no longer published). She is also a Contributing Editor for FileMaker Advisor.

If that isn't enough, Maria also develops Web sites and pages for small and medium sized organizations. Her current pet project, a "labor of love," is wickenburg-az.com, a Web site that provides up-to-date information about her adopted home town of Wickenburg, AZ. She is also Webmaster for Flying M Air, LLC, Chrome Caballeros, Coldwell Banker Generations, KBSZ-AM, and N&W Associates.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Maria is also a helicopter pilot! She owns and operates Flying M Air, LLC, which offers helicopter rides, tours, charters, and air taxi services throughout Arizona.

Wow! Maria is a busy, talented woman, and we are extremely pleased to list her as a trainer here, at macProVideo.com!

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