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The Cubase Lab With Matthew Hepworth
  • Ask.Video Cubase Lab (Winter 2018)
  • The Cubase Lab With ...
  • No Reviews
  • Cubase was one of the first DAWs on the market 30 years ago, and it remains one of the best to this day. But great audio software like Cubase is also very deep and complex. This course is a collection of 1-hour weekly lab recordings with Steinberg Product Specialist Matthew Hepworth. It's FREE - for Ask.Video and macProVideo members only ...
Cubase 9.5 Explored
  • Cubase 9.5 101
  • Cubase 9.5 Explored
  • 2 Reviews
  • Steinberg’s Cubase 9.5 is here! Explore all the new features and improvements in this 21-tutorial course by product specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth.
HALion Sonic SE Revealed
  • Cubase 9 201
  • HALion Sonic SE Reve...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Many Cubase users are unaware of how powerful Steinberg’s HALion Sonic SE really is. But they will ... after watching this course by Steinberg Product Specialist, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth!
Mastering Toolbox
  • Ozone 8 101
  • Mastering Toolbox
  • 3 Reviews
  • iZotope Ozone 8 is here, and so is this in-depth Mastering Toolbox by our expert trainer Matt Hepworth. Watch this course now and learn all features and modules of this invaluable mastering suite!
  • iZotope RX 6 101
  • Musician's Toolbox
  • 4 Reviews
  • Today's musicians record their music anywhere and everywhere… but not always in the best conditions. In this in-action course, audio expert and musician Matt Hepworth explains how to use the standard version of iZotope RX 6 to fix all kinds of common audio issues.
Absolute Beginner
  • Cubase 9 101
  • Absolute Beginner's ...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Steinberg’s Cubase 9 is here! Whether you’re a complete beginner or you simply want to refresh your Cubase skills, this comprehensive 39-tutorial course is specifically designed to get you recording and editing music in Cubase quickly and easily.
  • Cubase 9 100
  • What's New in Cubase...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Cubase 9 is here, and the developers at Steinberg have filled it with all kinds of new features. Join Cubase expert Matt Hepworth to see what the excitement is all about. Watch “What’s New” in Cubase 9 now!
Absolute Beginner
  • WaveLab 9 101
  • Absolute Beginner's ...
  • 1 Reviews
  • Join Steinberg expert Matt Hepworth in this 30-tutorial Absolute Beginner’s Guide and see all of the mastering power infused into this incredible audio platform. Learn Wavelab 9 now!
Mastering WaveLab With Matt Hepworth
20+ Hot New Features
  • Cubase 8.5
  • 20+ Hot New Features
  • 3 Reviews
  • Cubase 8.5 is here and so is specialist Matt Hepworth to take you through 20-plus of his favorite new features. So whether you're upgrading or starting anew, this course will get you up-to-date with all the cool new stuff!
Mastering Toolbox
  • Ozone 7 101
  • Mastering Toolbox
  • 7 Reviews
  • Ozone 7 is here and it’s got all kinds of new modules to learn and explore. See the new vintage processors and catchup on all the new features as explained by expert trainer Matt Hepworth.
Audio Repair for Musicians
  • iZotope RX 5
  • Audio Repair for Mus...
  • 3 Reviews
  • Grounding issues. AC noise. Amp buzz. Vocal pops. Clip distortion. These are issues that recording musicians deal with every day. Learn how to make imperfect audio, sound perfectly awesome in this iZotope RX 5 course.
Songwriters/Musicians Toolbox
  • Cubase 8 102
  • Songwriters/Musician...
  • 2 Reviews
  • This musician-focused Cubase 8 course is designed to help you generate ideas and get them into Cubase as fast as possible. Take a ride with Matt Hepworth as he shows you all the cool inroads for making music with Cubase!
Moving Forward With Cubase 8
  • Cubase 8 101
  • Moving Forward With ...
  • 10 Reviews
  • With so many new features, Cubase 8 is perhaps THE most complete DAW on the planet. See what all the buzz is about in this deep, 37-tutorial course by Cubase wizard Matt Hepworth.
Editing Your Footage
  • Premiere Pro CC 102
  • Editing Your Footage
  • No Reviews
  • Now that you’ve got all your footage, it’s time to put it all together. Watch this course and learn how to quickly edit and share your video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC!
Mastering Toolbox
  • iZotope Ozone 6.1
  • Mastering Toolbox
  • 11 Reviews
  • iZotope’s Ozone 6.1 is a formidable mastering tool packed with every kind of processor you need to master any kind of track. This course, filled with musical examples is the best way to learn Ozone. Master like a pro!
Audio Repair Toolbox 2
  • iZotope RX 4
  • Audio Repair Toolbox...
  • 8 Reviews
  • iZotope’s RX 4 is here and so is audio expert Matt Hepworth to show you how this re-imagined RX works! Learn all about RX 4’s new audio restoration, forensic and enhancement technologies in this comprehensive 4+ hour course!
Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Pro CC 101
  • Introduction to Prem...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Premiere Pro CC is Adobe’s high-end video editing software. This 25-tutorial introductory course by Matt Hepworth will get you up-to-speed and editing your first project fast!
  • iZotope Alloy 2
  • Mixer's Toolbox
  • 7 Reviews
  • Our iZotope Alloy 2 course is here and it’s amazing! Join trainer Matt Hepworth and learn how adding this impressive channel-strip technology to your audio toolbox will make your mixes stand out and deliver!
Mastering Toolbox
  • Cubase 7.5 302
  • Mastering Toolbox
  • 4 Reviews
  • Steinberg Product specialist Matt Hepworth has assembled the best Cubase mastering course ever created. Get all the tools and techniques you need to make your tracks sound professionally mastered in this 33-tutorial, 2+ hour course.
Mixing Toolbox
  • Cubase 7.5 301
  • Mixing Toolbox
  • 5 Reviews
  • Steinberg's Cubase 7.5 is a mixer’s and remixer’s playground. Join Cubase product specialist Matt Hepworth, as he takes you through all the tools and techniques jammed into Cubase’s extensive Mixing Toolbox!
Introducing Cubase 7.5
  • Cubase 7.5 101
  • Introducing Cubase 7...
  • 9 Reviews
  • Steinberg’s Cubase 7.5 is here and so is product specialist Matt Hepworth with his 32-tutorial course to show you how to implement all of the new features, tools and plugins. There’s no better way to learn Cubase. Check it out!
Vocal Production Toolbox
  • iZotope Nectar 2
  • Vocal Production Too...
  • 11 Reviews
  • Produce stunning sounding vocals, VOs and special FX with iZotope’s powerful Nectar 2 plugin. This 44-tutorial course – designed by Matt Hepworth – is filled with tons of tips and tricks that’ll take your vocal tracks to the next level!
Audio Repair Toolbox
  • iZotope RX 3
  • Audio Repair Toolbox
  • 7 Reviews
  • This 43-video in-depth course, by audio expert Matt Hepworth, offers a comprehensive look at iZotope’s RX 3’s arsenal of audio restoration modules. You learn about their functionality and – with an abundance of real-world audio examples – you get to see these modules in action. There is no better way to learn about audio and the RX 3!
Advanced MIDI Toolbox
  • Cubase 7 201
  • Advanced MIDI Toolbo...
  • 9 Reviews
  • Cubase’s MIDI implementation is deep and powerful. Learn it all — and become a MIDI master — with expert step-by-step instruction in this 46-tutorial course by the eminent expert of all things Cubase, Matthew Hepworth...
Engineers/Producers Toolbox
  • Cubase 7 103
  • Engineers/Producers ...
  • 12 Reviews
  • As a producer and engineer, you need to learn how to harness Cubase 7's array of production tools. In this course, you learn how to track everything from drums to vocals as Matt brings you into the studio and records an original track from start to finish.
Songwriters/Musicians Toolbox
  • Cubase 7 102
  • Songwriters/Musician...
  • 15 Reviews
  • Just want to get your tracks down fast without wrestling with the software? Learn Cubase 7—from the composer & songwriter perspective—in this making music-focused course by Cubase product specialist Matt Hepworth...
Moving Forward with Cubase 7
  • Cubase 7 101
  • Moving Forward with ...
  • 41 Reviews
  • Calling all Cubase users: Cubase 7 is here, and Matt Hepworth, our in-house Cubase expert has been hard at work exploring every line of code! Master all the powerful new features in this new and powerful version of this popular DAW...
Analysis, Tools & Master Section
  • WaveLab 103
  • Analysis, Tools & Ma...
  • 5 Reviews
  • Audio expert Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is back and exploring WaveLab 7's fantastic collection of Analysis and Mastering tools. Learn Steinberg's WaveLab and brush up on your Mastering techniques all at the same time in this powerfully informative course...
The Audio File Workspace: Editing and Metering
  • WaveLab 102
  • The Audio File Works...
  • 9 Reviews
  • Join WaveLab Specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth in the first course of his in-depth two-part series about editing and mastering audio using WaveLab 7. You're about to witness first-hand how this great software can make your audio sing and dance!
New Features In Cubase 6.5
  • Cubase 6.5
  • New Features In Cuba...
  • 4 Reviews
  • 64 bit Cubase 6.5 is here with its new synths: Retrologue and Padshop. There’s also a new Comping tool and some very cool new effects plugins. So join Cubase “Commander” Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, your captain on flight Cubase 6.5, to learn what’s new...
Introduction To Mastering
  • WaveLab 101
  • Introduction To Mast...
  • 19 Reviews
  • Steinberg’s WaveLab is a full-featured audio editor, restoration and mastering tool that every musician and engineer must have in their audio toolbox. Find out how Matt Hepworth uses it to master his tracks in this fact-filled 24-video tutorial...
FX, EQ, Automation and Mixing
  • Cubase 6 106
  • FX, EQ, Automation a...
  • 8 Reviews
  • Learn to mix your tunes in Cubase 6 using FX, EQ and Automation in this production masterpiece by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth...
Working With Audio
  • Cubase 6 105
  • Working With Audio
  • 5 Reviews
  • Want to record audio in Cubase? Let Matt Hepworth show you everything you need to know about Working With Audio in Cubase 6...
Working With MIDI
  • Cubase 6 104
  • Working With MIDI
  • 10 Reviews
  • Cubase is one powerful MIDI machine! Harness that power by joining Cubase Master-of-the-Universe, Matt Hepworth, as he explores Cubase 6’s world of killer MIDI tools and awesome MIDI functions...
Production Basics
  • Cubase 6 103
  • Production Basics
  • 5 Reviews
  • Now that you’ve mastered the “Fundamentals” of Cubase it’s time to start producing music! This tutorial by Matt Hepworth explores all the need-to-knows techniques required to start you on your way to producing tracks in Steinberg’s Cubase 6...
Exploring the Fundamentals
  • Cubase 6 102
  • Exploring the Fundam...
  • 12 Reviews
  • So now that you’ve been through our Cubase Quick Start guide where do you go next? This tutorial, Exploring the Fundamentals, by Cubase product specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth will give you the strong foundation you need to produce hot tracks the Cubase way!
Quick Start
  • Cubase 6 101
  • Quick Start
  • 7 Reviews
  • Steinberg’s new Cubase 6 is packed with all kinds of great features and performance enhancements. This Quick Start tutorial by Cubase product specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is designed to get you up-and-running and producing tracks fast .
  • Cubase 6 100
  • What's New In Cubase...
  • 7 Reviews
  • Cubase 6 offers some amazing new features to Steinberg’s iconic DAW.  This FREE First Look Tutorial-Video will show you many of Cubase 6’s coolest new tools & abilities.
Cubase TNT Tips and Tricks 1
  • Cubase 6 303
  • Cubase TNT Tips and ...
  • 5 Reviews
  • Over 6 hours of Cubase Tips and Tricks, secrets and workflow inspirations - by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth - Steinberg's Cubase Product Expert!
Mastering in Cubase
Core Cubase
  • Cubase 101
  • Core Cubase
  • 25 Reviews
  • Cubase was one of the original DAWs. Starting on a single 1.4 MB floppy disk in 1990, Cubase has grown to become the only digital audio production program you need to create amazing music.
Overview of Cubase 5

Matthew Loel T. Hepworth

Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
A Steinberg Product Specialist combines with a natural musician and educator to give us Matthew Loel T. Hepworth - Cubase Specialist!


By Martin Sitter

I met Matthew Loel T. Hepworth at winter NAMM, where he was working as a product specialist in the Steinberg booth. It quickly became apparent to me that Matthew was the perfect trainer for our new line of Steinberg tutorial videos … let me tell you a bit more about Matthew.

Matthew Loel T. Hepworth was predisposed to be in music and the arts. His father was a professor of music and his mother is a well-known dance instructor - needless to say, the arts were very influential during his upbringing.

Later, Matthew developed an interest in computers. In 1984, he hooked a Prophet 5 to his Commodore 64 via MIDI with Steinberg’s Pro16 software … and he was hooked!

Since then, he’s become an accomplished musician playing a variety of instruments, including Bass Guitar and Theremin. You can catch Matthew playing both these instruments in a band called, ZenTherStick (www.zentherstick.com.) 

Matthew also works as an independent product specialist for Steinberg, Yamaha, and Tascam. He’s also deeply involved in professional video and photography. But his love of music keeps him busy with teaching, writing, mixing and mastering.

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