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The Editor
  • Film Craft 109
  • The Editor
  • 5 Reviews
  • You've shot miles and miles of footage... Now what? Learn essential film and video editing techniques in this information-packed, example-filled, Film Craft course by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl.
The Location Sound Mixer
  • Film Craft 107
  • The Location Sound M...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Sound is a huge part of the filmmaking process. Learn the craft of location sound recording and mixing in this audio-centric course created exclusively for us by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl.
The Cinematographer
  • Film Craft 105
  • The Cinematographer
  • 6 Reviews
  • The Cinematographer is, essentially, the filmmaker… He shoots the film! In this Film Craft course, Michael Wohl gives you an inside look at the art and science of cinematography.
The Producer
  • Film Craft 101
  • The Producer
  • 5 Reviews
  • In this exclusive Film Craft course you learn the producer's leadership role from initial idea to final release. Master the craft of being a producer from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator Michael Wohl!
The Director
  • Film Craft 103
  • The Director
  • 4 Reviews
  • Everybody wants to be a Director. Here’s your “take one”! In this exclusive, introductory course, you learn about directing and the power of storytelling from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator, Michael Wohl!
Core Training: Finishing Up Your Project
  • Final Cut Pro X 108
  • Core Training: Finis...
  • 2 Reviews
  • The editing is done, so are the FX, the color’s correct... now what? Final Cut Pro expert Michael Wohl takes you through all the important steps leading to exporting and sharing your movie projects in this deep, 28-tutorial course!
Core Training: Color Correction Masterclass
  • Final Cut Pro X 107
  • Core Training: Color...
  • 3 Reviews
  • Learn the art and craft of color correction – with editor and colorist Michael Wohl – using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X!
Core Training: Graphics, Titles, Transitions and Themes
  • Final Cut Pro X 106
  • Core Training: Graph...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.2.X is jam-packed with all kinds of way to create professional graphics. From titles to complex transitions, this course takes you through all of them!
Get Started Now!
  • Final Cut Pro X 100
  • Get Started Now!
  • 10 Reviews
  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro X version 10.1 is here and it’s loaded with so many new pro features that we’ve created a whole new series of courses to get you up to speed! Check out this FREE course and all our other courses to learn everything you need to know about FCPX 10.
Core Training:  Clips: Import and Organize
  • Final Cut Pro X 101
  • Core Training: Clip...
  • 8 Reviews
  • It all starts with getting your footage into Apple’s FCPX! Learn the basics of importing and organizing your clips in with expert editor and instructor Michael Wohl.
Core Training: Editing Techniques and Concepts
  • Final Cut Pro X 102
  • Core Training: Editi...
  • 7 Reviews
  • There are many new tricks in FCPX’s editing toolkit. That’s why Michael Wohl created this comprehensive new editing course – filled with great examples – to show you just how it’s done! This 30-tutorial collection gets you up-to-speed quickly in Apple’s latest version of Final Cut Pro X!
Core Training: Advanced Editing Masterclass
  • Final Cut Pro X 103
  • Core Training: Advan...
  • 5 Reviews
  • Final Cut Pro X is filled with great pro editing tools. Join Michael Wohl as he explains the advanced techniques and reveals ALL the new editing features packed into Apple’s flagship video editor!
Core Training: Audio Editing, EQ and FX
  • Final Cut Pro X 104
  • Core Training: Audio...
  • 5 Reviews
  • Audio is a huge part of video. This 31-tutorial course – by video editing expert, Michael Wohl – demystifies all aspects of audio from editing to automating to adding plug-ins. Learn everything audio in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.
Core Training: Compositing and Visual FX
  • Final Cut Pro X 105
  • Core Training: Compo...
  • 2 Reviews
  • Visual Effects and transformations are designed right into Apple's new Final Cut Pro X. Watch this 24-tutorial course to see how Michael Wohl creates everything from basic transformations to cool animations right before your eyes!
Creative Effects and Color Correction
  • iMovie 104
  • Creative Effects and...
  • 7 Reviews
  • When making movies, it’s often the little things that make all the difference. In this 30-tutorial course, you learn how those powerful “little” video and audio touches – packed into Apple’s iMovie – make YOUR movies really shine.
Trimming, Titles, Transitions & Trailers
  • iMovie 103
  • Trimming, Titles, Tr...
  • 4 Reviews
  • In this iMovie course, Michael Wohl focusses on the techniques that give “your” iMovie that professional, refined look and feel. See how to fine tune, polish and add those finishing touches to add pizzazz your production.
Story Telling and Editing
  • iMovie 102
  • Story Telling and Ed...
  • 6 Reviews
  • Movie makers are, at their core, storytellers. In this iMovie course by Michael Wohl, you learn how to amp up YOUR storytelling technique using the new and powerful tools that come with Apple’s iLife video editor: iMovie...
Introducing iMovie
  • iMovie 100
  • Introducing iMovie
  • 20 Reviews
  • The new iMovie is here! Check out all the fun and features and get a glimpse of all the new editing power Apple has built into this easy-to-use, yet full-featured iLife app!
Getting Started With Your Footage
  • iMovie 101
  • Getting Started With...
  • 10 Reviews
  • “I’ve shot my footage... Now what?" This is the biggest question every video editor asks when using video editing software. This course is designed to guide you through the importing and organizing process to ensure your iMovie clips are brought in, managed and ready to be edited!
Filters, Effects & Color
  • Premiere Pro CS6 106
  • Filters, Effects & C...
  • 1 Reviews
  • The course you’ve all been waiting for is here! Learn all about Filters, Effects and Color in this exciting in-depth 40-tutorial course by industry acclaimed, digital video expert Michael Wohl!
Titles & Transitions
  • Premiere Pro CS6 105
  • Titles & Transitions
  • No Reviews
  • Michael Wohl is back with an in-depth course on creating titles and transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro. Check it out!
Audio Editing
  • Premiere Pro CS6 104
  • Audio Editing
  • 2 Reviews
  • A big part of editing video is knowing how to edit and optimize your audio. Learn all about Adobe Premiere’s integrated audio features in this 35 video tutorial course by video expert Michael Wohl.
Advanced Editing Tools
  • Premiere Pro CS6 103
  • Advanced Editing Too...
  • 2 Reviews
  • Join industry pro Michael Wohl as he demonstrates the editing and trimming techniques that make Adobe’s Premiere Pro the go-to platform for video professionals the world over.
Basic Editing Technique
  • Premiere Pro CS6 102
  • Basic Editing Techni...
  • 4 Reviews
  • In this 29-tutorial course, editor and educator Michael Wohl shows you all the ins-and-outs to editing your video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6...
Importing and Managing Footage
  • Premiere Pro CS6 101
  • Importing and Managi...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Learn all about importing and organizing your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Join MIchael Wohl as he explores all of the features in this 26 tutorial course...
The Premiere Pro Workflow
  • Premiere Pro CS6 100
  • The Premiere Pro Wor...
  • 6 Reviews
  • Join nonlinear editing guru Michael Wohl as he zooms in on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and shows why Premiere is fast becoming the go-to software for professional editors worldwide...
Multicam Editing
  • Final Cut Pro X 201
  • Multicam Editing
  • 13 Reviews
  • Learn the art of Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X in the 23-video tutorial created by our in-house, Final Cut "X"pert, Michael Wohl...
Rendering and Output
  • Motion 5 109
  • Rendering and Output
  • 3 Reviews
  • You’ve finished animating. Now what? In this concluding tutorial from our Motion 5 "100" Series, learn how to precisely Render, Export and Share your work in an array of different formats...
Creating Content For Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5 108
  • Creating Content For...
  • 4 Reviews
  • One of the most important new features of Motion 5 is the ability to create content for Final Cut Pro X. Think of Motion as your very own "FX incubator" where everything you create can be saved as a custom plugin for FCP X. No more shopping around for those 3rd-party FX. In this tutorial Michael Wohl will teach you how to “roll your own”...
Working in 3D
  • Motion 5 107
  • Working in 3D
  • 7 Reviews
  • Add another dimension to your motion graphics in this exhaustive 24-video exploration of Motion’s complete set of 3D animation tools. Best of all, you don’t even need to wear those goofy 3D glasses! See how the multidimensional Michael Wohl creates 3D magic using virtual cameras, lighting, reflections and shadows...
Editing In Motion
  • Motion 5 106
  • Editing In Motion
  • 6 Reviews
  • OK. So you’ve got all this wild text, multiple objects, particles, generators and replicators silently flying around the screen. Now what? In this tutorial by Michael Wohl, learn how to Edit, Retime and add Audio to heighten the power and “emotion” of your motion graphics...
Animating Effects
  • Motion 5 105
  • Animating Effects
  • 6 Reviews
  • Got a behavior problem? Motion 5‘s got a solution. Learn how to animate using Behaviors, Keyframing and Tracking with the always animated Motion expert, Michael Wohl...
Effects, Particles and Replicators
  • Motion 5 104
  • Effects, Particles a...
  • 10 Reviews
  • Motion comes jam-packed with a huge variety of very hot motion graphic effects. This tutorial shows you how to ignite these awesome Filters, Particle Systems and Replicators to fill your frames with kinetic energy and action...
Animating Text
  • Motion 5 103
  • Animating Text
  • 8 Reviews
  • What can Motion do with text? Well, anything you can possible imagine! With its advanced text creation and animation tools your 3D text can fly across the screen, rocket to the horizon and burst into molecular oblivion! Let Motion Master Michael Wohl show you how...
Exporting and Sharing Your Work
  • Final Cut Pro X 108
  • Exporting and Sharin...
  • 7 Reviews
  • Outputting to different video formats is one of Final Cut Pro X’s greatest assets. Learn everything you need to know about exporting and sharing your video projects from editor and motion graphics expert Michael Wohl...
Working With Objects
  • Motion 5 102
  • Working With Objects
  • 13 Reviews
  • Objects are what Motion sets “in motion!” Join Mr. Motion himself, Michael Wohl, as he shows you how to create Objects and manipulate them using Generators, Replicators, Behaviors and much more...
Overview and Workflow Guide
  • Motion 5 101
  • Overview and Workflo...
  • 22 Reviews
  • In this FREE,15-video introductory tutorial by famed editor and Motion expert Michael Wohl, see how you can easily create high-end Motion Graphics and seamlessly incorporate them into your Final Cut Pro X workflow...
Color Correction Techniques
  • Final Cut Pro X 107
  • Color Correction Tec...
  • 9 Reviews
  • Final Cut Pro X comes with many new, intuitive and very cool color correction tools. Our in-house FCP X Guru, the “colorful” Michael Wohl, shows you FCP X’s virtual rainbow of new tools and techniques that you can use right outta-the-box! (Oops, I mean, right-outta-the-Mac App Store!).
Titles, Effects and Compositing
  • Final Cut Pro X 106
  • Titles, Effects and ...
  • 17 Reviews
  • Final Cut Pro X incorporates very powerful tools for creating titles, visual effects and complex composite shots. Join star trainer and video editor Michael Wohl, as he explores each of these techniques and shows you how they are created, customized and edited to perfection. So if you're wondering how create stunning effects in FCP X, this tutorial will get you going down the right path!
Working With Audio
  • Final Cut Pro X 105
  • Working With Audio
  • 9 Reviews
  • With Final Cut Pro X, video editors now have the powerful combination of audio tools and bundled plug-ins that can make your audio sound like it went to a $450/hour Post Production studio. Let Michael Wohl show you how to use them...
Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Final Cut Pro X 104
  • Advanced Editing Tec...
  • 17 Reviews
  • Final Cut Pro X, with its easy-to-use, freeform timeline, is truly revolutionary. However, with new ideas come new challenges and tools. This in-depth editing tutorial by expert editor Michael Wohl, dives beneath the “Magnetic” timeline’s surface to show you FCP X’s many incredibly powerful editing modes and tools. Get this tutorial to learn all about the new, Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro X.
Editing In The Magnetic Timeline
  • Final Cut Pro X 103
  • Editing In The Magne...
  • 16 Reviews
  • FCP X’s timeline is not only “Magnetic” but also redefines the whole concept of what a timeline is and how it works! Join Michael Wohl, one of the original designers of Final Cut as he shows how this amazing new video editing canvas will make your editing easier, faster and more fun!
Overview and Quick Start Guide
  • Final Cut Pro X 101
  • Overview and Quick S...
  • 39 Reviews
  • This tutorial is free to all mPV members! With the release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has upped the ante in the nonlinear video editing world. Join expert video editor, Michael Wohl, in this FREE Overview and Quick Start Guide, and get the inside info about FCP X’s new features.
Media: Ingesting and Organizing
  • Final Cut Pro X 102
  • Media: Ingesting and...
  • 15 Reviews
  • Media management in Final Cut Pro X has been simplified, automated, optimized and streamlined. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your media into the project, organized and ready for cutting!
Core iPhoto
  • iPhoto 101
  • Core iPhoto '11
  • 5 Reviews
  • iPhoto '11 is the perfect tool for cataloguing, organizing, editing, and displaying your digital photos, and this tutorial shows you all the secrets to using this amazing piece of software.
Sound Editing in Final Cut Studio
Preparing Still Images for Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop CS5 204
  • Preparing Still Imag...
  • 4 Reviews
  • Learn how to prepare crisp, clear, HD images for Final Cut Pro … Michael Wohl (one of Final Cut Pro's original designers) shows you the way!
Preparing Still Images for Premiere Pro
Core Motion 4
Core Color 1.5
  • Color 1.5 101
  • Core Color 1.5
  • 8 Reviews
  • Remove the haze and "pop" the color of your video productions. Watch as Apple Courseware author Michael Wohl teaches you the secrets of color correction, using Apple's Color.
Core Final Cut 7
Pro Workflows
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Pro Workflows
  • 5 Reviews
  • Learn the secrets behind "Round-Tripping" between the Final Cut Studio suite of applications.
Core Compressor 3
  • Compressor 101
  • Core Compressor 3
  • 13 Reviews
  • Compress video for YouTube, the Internet, iPhone, iTV and more ... Compressor is the perfect tool!
Core Motion 3
  • Motion 101
  • Core Motion 3
  • 31 Reviews
  • Motion adds that extra special touch to your video productions. Watch as Michael Wohl demonstrates the ins & outs of using this awesome animation app!
Core Color 1
  • Color 101
  • Core Color 1
  • 29 Reviews
  • Pro Color Correction at your finger tips ... if you're shooting video, Color WILL be your new favorite toy!
Core Final Cut
  • Final Cut 6 101
  • Core Final Cut
  • 55 Reviews
  • Learn Final Cut Pro/Express from Michael Wohl - one of the original designers of this amazing piece of software!

Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl
Back when desktop video editing was just a sparkle in every film editor's eye, Michael was busy creating Final Cut Pro. Learn Final Cut Pro from one of the original designers of this incredible piece of software!


By Martin Sitter

Michael Wohl is a pioneer of desktop video, and a man of true vision. This was obvious to me the first time I read his seminal book, "Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro" ... a book that sat center stage on my desk for a long time and one I feel no video editor should be without. Michael knows Final Cut Pro like few others!

Indeed, if you want to know the true history of Final Cut Pro, ask Michael Wohl. Michael was one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro, when Macromedia started developing the application in 1995 (long before Apple purchased the program). Instrumental to the development and design of this awesome video editing application, Michael was involved in all aspects of its design until several years after Apple acquired the software, at which point he left to pursue his other passion as a film director.

These days, Michael is better known as a respected, award-winning editor and filmmaker with more than fifteen years of experience telling visual stories across a wide range of genres and styles. He is currently producing a documentary for the Gates Foundation about Ethiopia's 5-year plan to overhaul their agricultural system. His 2006 comedy, Artistic License, played at more than 30 film festivals, winning awards at 12 of them, including Best Comedy at Austin Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival, the New York Television Festival and others.

Prior to that, Wohl wrote, produced, directed, and edited WANT, an edgy, stylized, and thought provoking feature film about dot-com mania and sex addiction set during the internet boom of 1999. The film played at festivals including Cinequest, Newport Beach Film Festival, IFP Central Standard, Victoria Independent Film Festival and several others.

For the past six years, Michael has served as a visiting professor at UCLA's school of Theater, Film & Television and has also taught filmmaking and editing classes at many institutions including the American Film Institute, San Francisco State University, New York Film Academy, and others. He has authored eleven books on editing and storytelling, including volumes in the Apple Pro Training Series. He has also taught scores of seminars at tradeshows (NAB, IBC, DV Expo, Macworld, etc.), and been invited to speak at many film festivals (Sundance, SXSW, Cinequest, Victoria, etc).

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael is one of the most talented editors and educators around, and I'm extremely pleased to present his Final Cut Pro tutorials here at macProVideo.com!

Michael Wohl

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