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  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 203
  • EQ
  • 29 Reviews
  • Master the art of EQ! The engineers at Modern World Recording explain it all in this “deep listening” equalization course...
Spatial Effects
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 202
  • Spatial Effects
  • 16 Reviews
  • Learn the techniques of creating spatial reverberation FX in this deep listening course by the engineers at Singing Canary and Modern World Recording...
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 201
  • Dynamics
  • 19 Reviews
  • Learn the art and science of compression, limiting and expansion in this deep listening course by the engineers at Singing Canary and Modern World Recording...
Touring An SSL Console
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 401
  • Touring An SSL Conso...
  • 11 Reviews
  • DAW virtual mixers are modeled after “classic” analog mixing consoles. Take this SSL tour and learn how a full-blown classic Solid State Logic Duality console actually works...
The Mix
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 302
  • The Mix
  • 36 Reviews
  • Mixing is a complicated “mix” of art and science. In this Singing Canary tutorial, follow top engineer Clint Murphy as he takes you on a 60-video, step by step mixing journey...
Recording Strings
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 105
  • Recording Strings
  • 10 Reviews
  • Learn how to record a live string section in this informative new tutorial by expert audio engineer, Clint Murphy, at Modern World Recording...
From Demo to Master
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 301
  • From Demo to Master
  • 23 Reviews
  • In this extraordinary video documentary tutorial witness top UK producer, Greg Haver, as he transforms a rough demo song into a final release-ready master...
Recording Vocals
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 104
  • Recording Vocals
  • 23 Reviews
  • Whether you’re working in a world-class audio environment with a million dollar console, or your spare bedroom with a beat up old ball mic, this tutorial shows you everything you need to know to record platinum sounding vocals into your DAW.
Recording Drums
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 102
  • Recording Drums
  • 15 Reviews
  • In this tutorial the audio experts at Singing Canary reveal the secrets of getting those platinum sounding drum sounds every band covets ... elevate your tracks to next level with this 2-hour tutorial!
Recording Guitars
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 103
  • Recording Guitars
  • 25 Reviews
  • The electric, acoustic and bass guitars are the foundation of most modern music. This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to record guitar tracks that will jump out of your mix and blast your tunes to the top of the charts.
Introduction to Recording
  • (The) Art of Audio Recording 101
  • Introduction to Reco...
  • 42 Reviews
  • You can't learn this type of info anywhere - except macProVideo.com! Pro audio engineers share deep secrets about how they choose microphones for common recording situations.

Singing Canary Productions

Singing Canary Productions
When we decided to produce a new series of tutorials on audio recording and production we searched the globe for the very best trainers and audio professionals ... and we found them at Modern World Studios and Singing Canary Productions!


Singing Canary Productions specializes in the production of video tutorials covering audio recording and production techniques. This unique collective of expert audio engineers, producers and trainers share their extensive knowledge of everything audio in beautifully produced live action videos created exclusively for macProVideo.com. From professional engineers to weekend warriors.....Singing Canary takes you into the inner workings of the commercial recording studio. They explore and demonstrate audio recording techniques covering every aspect of the recording process from mic placement to mastering!

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