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The Logic Pro X Lab with Peter Schwartz
  • Ask.Video Logic Lab (Winter 2018)
  • The Logic Pro X Lab ...
  • No Reviews
  • Our trainers are Logic Pro X experts with a long history of teaching eager students about the most intricate secrets of Logic Pro X. Get access to their vast knowledge in this Video On Demand (VOD) collection of weekly Logic Pro X Lab from Winter 2018 by Peter Schwartz!
Create Your Own Intelligent Randomizer in Logic Pro X
  • Logic FX Script Masterclass
  • Create Your Own Inte...
  • 1 Reviews
  • The Intelligent Randomizer script randomly prevents incoming MIDI notes from triggering events. There is no one better to teach you how to write the script than Peter Schwartz, developer of SkiSwitcher and ARTzID articulation switching systems.
Articulation Switching for Logic Pro: SkiSwitcher2 & ARTzID
  • ARTzID Masterclass
  • Articulation Switchi...
  • No Reviews
  • Peter Schwartz showcases SkiSwitcher2 & ARTzID which are custom MIDI FX scripts written by him for Logic Pro. These scripts allow for note specific articulation changes and are extremely powerful.
Logic MIDI FX Scripting With Peter Schwartz
  • In-depth introduction to MIDI FX
  • Logic MIDI FX Script...
  • No Reviews
  • Learn the basics of MIDI Effects Scripting in Logic Pro X and build powerful, creative musical tools for use with synth and sampler patches.
  • Scoring Masterclass
  • Logic's Score Editor...
  • No Reviews
  • Learn about Logic’s notation system and the script editor with seasoned professional Peter "Ski" Schwartz.
The MIDI Orchestra - Designing Templates
  • Orchestration 302
  • The MIDI Orchestra -...
  • 17 Reviews
  • You need an orchestra to play orchestral music. Likewise, you need an orchestral template to play a MIDI orchestral score. This course, by Peter Schwartz, explains the technology and the craft behind designing pro orchestral templates.
The MIDI Orchestra - Enhancing Realism
  • Orchestration 301
  • The MIDI Orchestra -...
  • 26 Reviews
  • Get real! Or at least get your MIDI orchestra to SOUND real! Learn the art of creating realistic orchestral MIDI mockups in this inspiring course by the one and only Peter (Ski) Schwartz.
Core Training: Signal Flow
  • Logic Pro X 102
  • Core Training: Signa...
  • 66 Reviews
  • What is signal flow? It’s the key that unlocks the inner workings of Apple’s Logic Pro X! Get the knowledge, right here, right now as taught by the amazing Peter “Ski” Schwartz!
Core Training – The Score Editor
  • Logic Pro X 109
  • Core Training – Th...
  • 35 Reviews
  • Watch this Score Editor course – by the knowledgeable and very entertaining Peter “SKI” Schwartz – and you’ll be notating your scores, making parts and creating lead sheets before you can say fortissimo!
MIDI Demystified
  • MIDI 101
  • MIDI Demystified
  • 52 Reviews
  • If you use MIDI and always wondered how - and why - it works, MIDI 101 is for you! Informative and entertaining, "MIDI Demystified" is a required tutorial for anyone looking to get the most out of their MIDI hardware and software.

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz
Peter Schwartz is a composer, orchestrator, keyboardist, synthesist and Logic master who has worked with David Bowie, Madonna, Disneytoons and many, many others!


Composer, orchestrator, arranger, pianist, synthesist, and musical director, Peter began classical piano studies at age 5 and went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music. Not long afterwards, MIDI made its entrée into the world of music and Peter immersed himself in understanding the technology, programming his own MIDI software, and even designing some of his own MIDI hardware devices. Combined with his keen interest in synthesizers, his experiences with music tech eventually led to a position as a product specialist for New England Digital (Synclavier), and afterward as a sound programmer and synthesizer design consultant for Korg. Meanwhile, he began to carve a path into the music business as a session keyboardist and arranger, eventually building a client roster that reads like a Who's Who of A-list pop and dance artists. Peter has also served as musical director for David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys, Enya, Madonna, Hanson, and many others. In more recent years he has endeavored to make his mark as a film score composer, adding Disneytoons, Warner Bros., Fox, and Mattel to his filmography. Peter resides in Los Angeles with his wife Sharon, dogs Boing and Loosi, a bass clarinet and a bassoon.

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