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Martin Sitter on Thu, March 25th 6 comments
Francesco Schiavon sent me a link to a PDF the other day and told me to take a look at it. Francesco is one of our star trainers at NonLinear Educating Inc., and he's also one of my long time mentors

Francesco Schiavon me envió un enlace a un PDF, el otro día y me dijo que tener una mirada en ella. Francesco es uno de los entrenadores de nuestra estrella en No lineal Educar Inc., y es también uno de mis mentores mucho tiempo ... cuando Francisco me dice que haga algo, lo hago. Este es el enlace que envía:

El PDF en este enlace muestra los ingresos de Apple y las ventas por unidad para el Q1 de 2010. Un rápido vistazo a la muestra lo siguiente:

Combined iPhone & iPod Sales: 29 Million Units & $10.1 Billion in Sales
Combined Computers & Software: 3.3 MillionUnits & $5.5 Billion in Sales

Apple hace el doble de dinero de iPhones

¿Ha notado últimamente que revoluciona el software de Apple (va a la próxima versión) mucho más lento que antes? En el software que normalmente pasado de revoluciones en una base de 1 año a 1,5. Siempre hubo un gran despliegue publicitario acerca de cuándo la nueva versión del software que barco, y qué características se encuentran en ella. Corre el rumor de los sitios aparecido por todas partes para facilitar chismes sin fin en estos temas. La gente estaba feliz de ser parte de todo esto ...

En estos días el período comprendido entre revoluciones software es cada vez más largas ... la ventana es cada vez mayor a 2 años como mínimo, ya veces más! Incluso el hardware como ordenadores portátiles y torres de ir largos períodos de tiempo sin siquiera una actualización del procesador. De mis amigos en el interior He oído decir que los equipos de desarrollo de software se están reduciendo, los programadores están siendo despedidos o reutilizados (por lo general a los productos de iPhone), y en general el enfoque de la empresa está cambiando ... ¿Por qué?

Mucho de esto puede atribuirse a la maduración del software de Apple y las líneas de productos de ferretería. Seamos realistas, Final Cut Pro es una completa aplicación de edición de vídeo que aparece más o menos hace todo lo que necesita ya. ¿Qué más hay que poner en él? Y la Ley de Moore, dijo que el poder de la CPU se duplica cada 18 meses (una ley que puede decirse de casi 40 años) se rompió a principios de este siglo. Han pasado más de 8 años ya que la velocidad de la CPU se duplicó en un solo tramo de 18 meses, y durante los últimos cinco años las velocidades de apenas han aumentado en absoluto. La tecnología está llegando a sus limitaciones ...

Pero la verdadera historia se basa en los números. Si usted hace el doble de los ingresos de una línea de productos que usted hace de otro, vale la pena con creces a poner sus recursos para el desarrollo allí. iPhones y iPods pagar a lo grande. Desarrollo de software no lo hace.

La escritura está en la pared. A medida que Apple va hacia adelante que se está convirtiendo claramente en un gigante de la electrónica de consumo a lo largo de las líneas de Sony o Panasonic. El enfoque en las aplicaciones de software y la computadora está cambiando.

Va a ser interesante ver a Apple como en los próximos años se desarrollan. ¿Qué viene después? Tal vez los televisores de pantalla plana por la red con sus dispositivos de Apple demás? ¿Qué otra cosa podría ser? Manzana Frigoríficos y tostadoras de Apple? Quién sabe ... pero una cosa es segura, Apple es ahora un gigante de la electrónica de consumo y podemos esperar ver más dispositivos de consumo que viene en el futuro.

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  • I think you're right about Apple's software line not coming out with major new releases as frequently. However, Logic Studio 2 (specifically Logic 9 and Mainstage 2) already have had many more incremental updates then their predecessors, and in a much smaller time span. The Logic development team seems to be more vibrant then ever right now (from the outside at least). This seems even more true when you consider the labor involved in converting a large application from 32 bit to 64 bit. What do you think all these revenue figures mean for the future of Logic Studio? 5-10 yrs down the road do you think Apple will still have enough investment in it to keep it competitive with other DAWS, or do you think Apple will eventually sell it off to another company?
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Martin
    Incremental updates are good for fixing things ... but of note the rev from Logic 8 to logic 9 was so minimal we barely even had to update our tutorials ... flex editing was the only major feature. To me it seems not a lot of time is being put into developing Logic. Where's the cool new instruments we all want to sink our teeth into? Where's some higher quality DSP effects? I want more new better stuff to play with :) To me it seems Pro Software Development is taking a back seat to other "priorities" at Apple ... I think they'll continue to develop Logic, final cut, iLife, and etc. slowly, but that's about all. I don't see anyone buying these assets as no company I can think of would be able to afford it. And without Apple's distribution network the asset is worth a lot less anyway.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Martin
  • I would have to agree with you that Logic hasn't really "developed" too many new features in the last couple of years. It seems like they have been more concerned with making Logic more and more stable with the features it already has, rather then give us any new toys per se. This is especially true when you compare it to Pro Tools 8. There are endless amounts of new instruments and features in that thing compared to Pro Tools 7. Cubase 5 also introduced some new instruments and pitch correction tools also.
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Rounik Admin
    Surely I'm not the only one who has already used my Macs Superdrive as a toaster? ;-) But seriously, I agree with a lot that has been said... Flex Time is a large feature uodate... and so it Amp Designer. I view Logic 9 as the transition to 64-bit and hopefully the next iteration will contain the big features. A lot of pros since the Logic 7 days have been complaining that they would prefer bug fixes over new features, so perhaps this is the stage of development we are experiencing now? Also, in terms of Logic, there's a lot to be said about the smaller features. These features in Logic 9 have made my life easier: - Bounce in Place - Selective track import - Convert to new sampler track - Project and track notes - 64-bit mode The other element of Apple's strategy is how Logic & the Pro apps are a fraction of the retail price since Apple purchased them. I find it interesting that Software "units" are not listed in the PDF, but only revenue. Considering how cheap Snow Leopard, iLife, iWork, Logic, etc are, I feel these products are subsidized in order to sell the hardware. IMHO, the more iPhones, iPads, iPods are sold the more people become interested in purchasing a Mac. Sure a lot of these users will be consumers. But perhaps there is a blurring of the boundaries between "Creative Pro" and "Creative Consumer"? But, I agree this doesn't necessarily mean more man hours are going into development of the Pro Apps... yet look at Mainstage. It's now 3 years old and got a bright future I think. As much as I'd love to play with more synths and effects in Logic, the area that needed improving (audio, comping and time stretching audio) has been achieved very well IMHO. Hope this frees up some time for the developers to put some love into the Environment... mmm close integration with Quartz Composer...
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • @Rounik- First off, I'm plowing through your advanced Snow Leopard tut right now and it has been marvelous so far. Very informing, relevant and smooth. I absolutely agree with you about Mainstage, it's capacity and future. When considering buying Logic Pro I think people really don't put Mainstage into the equation enough. After all, If I'm creating electronic music with software instruments exclusively within Cubase or PT how would I every hope to perform the instruments/sounds live? There are ways to do it but nothing as straightforward as Mainstage imho. I'm not referring to Ableton since it is slightly different in this regard. People usually see Mainstage as a separate app from Logic, which it obviously is. But I view it more as a strong feature of Logic. Afterall, you don't buy Logic without Mainstage.
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Rounik Admin
    Hey Eric, Wow. Thanks for the kind words. Really glad you're finding the SL tut useful! Mainstage is potentially amazing... and I'm hopeful that it keeps improving. I do miss working with live MIDI objects in Mainstage. No arpeggiator, delay line, etc is hard for me to live with :( But I love the way Play back and Loop Back plugins read markers from audio files bounced from Logic. Very cool! And also... I think if you buy all the Apple Jam packs separately it comes to a shade more than price of Logic Studio. Another reason which might explain low revenue for software like Logic, are the number of pirated copies floating about. When I first got into Logic, eMagic had a very tight grip on this issue. No USB copy protected dongle = No Logic! That's changed, and I'm often surprised at how many user openly admit to using pirated versions on the web! But, for every pirated copy of Logic a new Mac is, or existing Mac is being used to run it! Also, for now a Mac/PC is still required to run a iPad, iPod or iPhone. It will be interesting to see the situation if these devices become more independent.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
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