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NAMM 2011年から5すばらしい新製品
Rounik Sethi on Wed, January 19th 5 comments
Unless you've been away from any human contact (including email and web access) for the past couple of weeks you'll likely have heard about NAMM!  NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants, i


いくつかの発表は、一般的な知識ですので、私はいくつかのポピュラーなものだけでなく、あなたが聞いたれていない可能性があります他の人を選んだしました。もちろんmacProVideoからチームがNAMMでいたと個人的にブースによってポップあなた方のすべてに感謝したいと思います。ああ、私はmacProVideoはNAMM 2011"学校のためのベストツール"賞を受賞した言及を忘れていませんか?よくそこに行く、私は今それを言及。

NAMM 2011年から私が個人的に気に入っているトップ5の製品の発表に戻る...

01 - ユニバーサルオーディオ:UAD - 2衛星DUOとQUADのFireWire DSPアクセラレータ

Universal Audio's products are well-respected and much loved by their large Pro user base. However, for those computer musicians who are using PCs or Macs without a PCI slot UA's supreme plug-ins have simply not been an option.

それは、UAD - 2衛星の Firewireのモデルが導入されるまでです!もはやあなたには、PCIスロット/ ExpressCardの必​​要はなくなりましたが、製品の名前が示すように、Firewireポートを使用すると、これらのセクシーなDSPアクセラレーションのボックスのいずれかを接続し、プラグインをいくつか甘いを実行できるようになります。利点は?衛星デュオ/クワッドは、ボックス内のプラグインを実行すると、お使いのMacまたはPCのCPUオフ圧力がかかります。 UAの製品を使用する私が出会ったすべての人は(または話す)彼らの賞賛を歌う!



02 - コルグ:nanoSERIES 2


nanSERIES 2は、オリジナルのコンセプトを洗練し、3つの異なるモデルを維持しています。

nanoKEY2は 、25ベロシティセンスキーを持っています。

The nanoPAD2 is ideal for beat and rhythmic programming and live performance. It now has 16 pads and an X-Y pad!



03 - スタインバーグ:Cubaseの6


:私が代わりにここでは Cubase 6の新機能のいくつかの選択なので、テストし、その力量を入れてコピーを持っていないGranted

  • Advanced tempo detection
  • New transient editing
  • Multi-track audio quantization & drum replacement features
  • New lane tracks for take comping
  • Expression Maps: assigning multiple controller values graphically
  • VST Amp Rack: new guitar based amps and stomp boxes
  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra sound set
  • LoopMash 2: scratch, stutter, tape stops effects for remixing loops
  • 64-bit support for Mac OSX 10.6


04 - iZotope社:スタッターの編集

BTとから、このプラグインiZotopeは仕事で長い時間されており、それは待つ価値があった!グリッチ、スタッター、きらめきとAbleton Liveを、ロジックは、Cubaseなどの驚愕の塗りつぶし効果の作成に興味がある人の場合、これはあなたのためのプラグインである可能性があります。これは多くのAbleton Liveは、DJシーンに与えた影響と同様に、この先何年もグリッチのジャンルを定義するプラグインである可能性があります。

Stutter Edit acts as an effect for both live and studio use and allows the user to create all manner of glitch effects in real-time with the simple press of a key on your MIDI controller. What impressed me is the versatility and ease at which this can be used as a performance tool.

あなたがリミックスして、既存のトラックは、住んでいると本当に再生、鋳型とする楽器を演奏していたかのようにそれらを彫ることができる。それはプラグインでは、この多くの楽しみを持つことは、合法ですか?あなたが決める!あれ、あなたがダウンロードできる10日間のトライアルは 、そのスピンを与え、あなたはそれを楽しむかどうかを確認してください!

05 - Monome:アーク

And now for something really different...

彼らのソフトウェアを制御するための代替手段としての電子音楽家のために設計されたMonomeグリッドコントローラ、担当する人々から、 アークは 、美しい最小限とはいです...それは、わずか2光学式ロータリーエンコーダのように見えます。そう大したことは何ですか?




その間に、あなたにMonomeがデジタルミュージシャンのためのジャンルの定義のデバイスと見なされる理由の味を与えるために、 ここでは、アクションのMonomeを示すビデオへのリンクだ 。

あなたが注目に値するとコメントに値する発見NAMM 2011での他の製品の発表があった?私たちは、コメント欄で教えてください!

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Comments (5)

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  • Mojave
    WOW! I was there and missed the Micro pads! EXCELLENT BLOGGING. Very useful and informative. Rounick, your one of our industries best bloggers. Martin and I both said the same word to describe you: AMAZING!! excellent choices, very useful and there are always a few diamonds in the ruff that don't pop out when your walking that show but leave it to a great blogger to bring those diamonds to your attention. Lots of lower priced microphones on the floor this year and their prices had nothing to do with their quality, many were fantastic. Very encouraging for the home based recording enthusiast or professional for that matter. CAD has a capacitor mic I saw that lists for $599. It sounded like $1999. AEA wasn't a budget driven buyers dream but they had a superb super cardiod large ribbon mic that blew my mind and was as flat as many large diaphragm condenser mics. A good rule of thumb for anyone looking into microphones is less electronics is a good thing when it comes to microphones. Ribbon and Capacitor mics were showing real promise as high quality and good sounding alternatives to the popular large diaphragm condenser mics but all versions still have a seat at the table in my book. NATIVE, the theme of the show in my opinion. Since Avid released pro tools native, it seemed inevitable, the future was in full swing moving all sorts of things into the native realm rather then TDM. Lynx Studios was showing their superb American Made (not off shore) converters. Lower priced with all the needed break-out cables then a majority of their competitors for anyone looking such products. Very impressive people as much as products. Strong signals from them the future is native and the converters are ready and able to run any host platform with no special protocol. The Avid booth also seemed to have shown a shift in that direction. What's funny is Logic with 64 bit operations is so well rooted in the native arena that it appeared as if the industry was playing catch-up!
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Mojave
  • Rounik Admin
    Wow! Thanks Victor. Very kind of you! I might well be in the market for a microphone or two this year, so your info on CAD, AEA and mics in general is excellent! I agree, re: native systems. Logic has always been headed in the right direction IMHO... :)
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • Medakya
    I missed most of those products -- so thanks for the head's up Rounik. I did check out the CAD mic and agree totally with Victor; at 1st listen it's an awesome piece of equipment. One other product I found interesting: the "Appomator"-- make your own custom Apps. It appears very user friendly but pro. I'll be looking into that. Another NAMM discovery: MacProVideo! I just discovered this site via NAMM and I hope to be talking a few classes in Mastering to start.... Thanks for the insight Rounik. Keep up the great work!
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Medakya
  • Rounik Admin
    Hi Lori & thanks! I've gotta check out CAD mics then! The tuts here on the blog and the full video tutorials on Mastering at macProVideo are excellent. Are you a Logic user? Oh, appOmator... really unique product and extremely fun to use! All you need is an idea and some content and you've basically got an iPhone and iPad app! Thanks again, Rounik
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier This unit has the options and control that will change Guitar simulation from here on out. I can't wait to get my hands on this unit !
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
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