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Martin Sitter on Thu, February 18th 5 comments
Our Brave New Digital World ... Studio In A Box I must be feeling a bit nostalgic ... today I find myself thinking back to the past and how I used to make music in the good lo' days ... When I started


我必须感觉有点岁月的魔力... ...今天,我发现自己的思维又回到了从前,我如何使用,在良好的LO“天音乐... ...

当我开始在1990年的音乐,我们有最好的工具是一个Atari 1040ST的Cubase软件的副本

由于90年代的进展,像斯坦伯格(通过的Cubase)和Digi设计公司(与Pro Tools)开始被演奏的音乐游戏的方式,极大地改变。随着引进90年代中期的硬盘记录,它突然成为可能实际记录到您的计算机上的音乐和操纵箱内的数字化工具,可以这么说。


随着计算机变得越来越强大,但是很明显,所有的音乐制作,从录音音生成(通过软件合成器)到最后的音频DSP效果的掌握过程... ...所有的音乐制作有一天会发生在计算机内。再见舷外合成器,招呼我们勇敢的新的数字世界... ...



我怀念我的老合成器像时序电路多的跟踪和通鼓机...这种可怕的声音模块。或Korg的SH101,没有记忆,所以我不得不程序每次我打开它... ...但作为一个真正的模拟合成器,它产生了这样的PHAT声音。我的第一个采样的采样时间8秒。我想关闭记录样品节拍在45 RPM,然后缓慢下降到33 RPM内的采样,只是为了节省采样时间几秒钟。这些惊人的所有齿轮件。

但是,所有这些外部合成器和采样器也有缺点... ...例如,Korg的SH101需要温暖的音质好,实际上它听起来有点不同,每次我打开它。令人高兴的是,我的歌在逻辑的声音完全一样,每次我打开一首歌曲,在一个盒子里的完美工作室...所有效果设置,声音编程,我已经准备好了(这是我们过去所说的“全部召回”回附近的世纪之交,虽然任期以来褪色成数字粉尘桩)。我喜欢我的老合成器,但他们慢慢成为除尘器。

2003年,我在eBay出售我的整个工作室... ...价值超过10万美元的齿轮出去约$ 20,000门。谁在乎... ...我从来没有回头。从这一点向我所有的音乐是一个简单的控制器的键盘和逻辑。我把它称为对音乐的RISC处理器(RISC精简指令集计算)。用较少的齿轮侧钻我从我的生产流程,我现在比我以往任何时候都更好的音乐。这是我们生活在一个更美好的世界... ...

Martin Sitter

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  • Rohogay
    Logic is the best deal for the money and I am more then happy with all my options. I do not want tons of hardware, I would rather have software that's much more effective both cost and functionally. For instance; Apple updated every plugin they offered to 64 bit. That means every compressor and efx and soft synth at once was updated. try doing that with hardware. My dream is Apple cuts a deal with Toontrack and adds Superior Drummer, Melodyne Editor and if IK multimedia offered the ARC as a built in feature or if Logic offered Audio Room Correction for monitoring, then I would be in all my glory. As of now I have these plugins and they integrate seamlessly (currently using the 32 bit bridge system) so it's great. Hopefully the 64 bit express stops and picks up the 3rd party vendors soon, They are going to have to really burn the oil to keep up with Logics 64 bit platform and quality built in EFX.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rohogay
  • Wow, your post brings back memories. I had an Atari Mega 2 ST running Hybrid Arts Edit Track, a CZ-101, a Korg M1, and an Alesis D4. Looking back I think I was a tad more productive back then, because it never crashed, never bogged me down, and never distracted me (ooh, let's check my email!) while I was trying to get the music out of my head.
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Martin
    I agree ... I made on of my best records on the Atari ... because we had such limited gear, we had to be more creative! Now there's thousands of loops and sounds at your fingertips just with Logic, so I often find it hard to start ...
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Martin
  • So inspiring that you're doing EVERYTHING within Logic! I'm the same way. I've learned to produce and mix almost exclusively through your Logic titles (I own and have devoured every single one except the old Logic 7 video title by Steve H. No Joke!). I too use Logic and my iMac almost exclusively for my productions. The education I've gotten from you guys plus the amt of money it would have cost 10 yrs ago to do in Logic would have required hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and a kidney! You guys are my heros, plain and simple.
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Martin
    I'm happy we saved your kidney ... :) seriously though, I agree with you that there is no better way to learn than through videos. I used to write books on how to use software, and trying to explain audio concepts in words is very difficult indeed!
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Martin
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