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5:基本意想不到的Final Cut快捷键
Rounik Sethi on Mon, December 6th 2 comments
In this second edition of Final Cut Essential shortcuts and tips we'll take a look at some more editing and navigation tricks designed to speed up your workflow. Whether you're new to Final Cut or a m

在这个第二版的Final Cut必不可少的捷径和技巧,我们将看看一些更多的编辑和导航技巧,旨在加快您的工作流程。无论你是新的Final Cut或更多的中间用户阅读下面找出如何花费更多的时间,创造性地编辑和更短的时间内周围的接口手动!

如果你错过了第一部分,你可以在这里找到它: 超级7:重要的Final Cut快捷

01 - 开启,关闭,并选择Windows

有多少次您按下“L”或“ 空格键 ”播放在画布的剪辑,只看到在Viewer窗口中播放或反之亦然播放头?它可烦人,大多数用户达到鼠标和Viewer或帆布或时间轴上单击以选中它作为活动窗口。


  • Command+1 Viewer
  • Command+2 Canvas
  • Command+3 Timeline
  • Command+4 Browser

例如,如果Viewer已经选定的迫切命令 1一次关闭窗口。再次按下,它会重新出现。按现在命令2画布窗口活动。你可以找到效果和Windows菜单下的“收藏夹”窗口,如其他Windows的快捷方式。

02 - 禁用音频洗涤

就像在iMovie中08-11可以关闭在Final Cut音频擦洗。只要有用,可当执行编辑,通过声音或音乐,不需要时,它可以简单地起到分心。

To toggle audio scrubbing choose: View > Audio Scrubbing or hit the shortcut: Shift+S.

03 - 快速的慢动作播放控制

在第一篇文章“ 超级7:基本的Final Cut快捷

要在慢动作播放转发按住K和 L。一旦你释放键将停止播放。同样,按住J和 K向后慢动作播放。

04 - 一个在一个时间框架


按住K键,然后点击L到移动播放头向前一帧, 或挖掘J来移动播放头一帧。


05 - 波纹删除


  1. Select the Blade tool
  2. Cut twice to separate the section of the clip not wanted
  3. Switch to the Selection tool
  4. Delete the clip - which leaves a gap between two clips!
  5. Select and manually move all the clips in order to close the gap.


  1. Move the Playhead to where you would like to make the edit. Press "I".
  2. Move the playhead to the end of where you want to "cut" the clip and press "O".
  3. Shift-Backspace to perform a ripple delete. Done!

若要了解更多的Final Cut 看看这些教程 ,请不要分享任何Final Cut技巧,窍门和快捷键下面的。

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Comments (2)

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  • Jupygou
    Hey Rounik, It's funny you should mention Logic when discussing Final Cut shortcuts. I spent several months editing in FCP and when I finally finished and had time to play around with Logic again, I found myself pulling my hair out because I kept trying to use the FCP shortcuts in Logic. It rarely did what I wanted and beeped at me quite often. :) Anyway, thanks again for the great tips!
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Jupygou
  • Rounik Admin
    Hey Ed, I hear you!! The same has happened to me in the past. Especially when zooming. Hitting Command "+" in Logic doesn't make for a quick way to zoom around Logic... then again, the beauty of Logic is just how customisable the key commands are. btw, have you noticed in Logic 9.1.x Logic no longer beeps when an unrecognised key command is pressed... it flashes instead! Thanks R
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
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