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FCP X VS的Ado​​be Premiere Pro的,第2部分:编辑
David Smith on Mon, September 19th 4 comments
Much has been said about the radical new version of Final Cut Pro. So how does it compare to Adobe's Premiere Pro ? David Smith contrasts how both NLEs deal with the editing process.

让我们继续进行比较和对比的工作流程的Final Cut Pro X 的Adobe Premiere Pro的 CS5.5 。这一次,我们将看看在编辑工作流程。这是一个很大的学科领域,我承认你,所以我会缩小,倒有几分比较基本的编辑时间轴工作流程。

第1步 - 标记点和出点

Premiere Pro中:首映枝硬盘和快速与更传统的方法或标记在Source窗口中,用常规的播放空间,京客隆或屏幕上的控制,如控制。如果你是一个真正的匆忙,你也可以通过录像擦洗来回拖动Source窗口中的播放头,虽然这是不太准确。

The preview window


可以使用的标记和标记屏幕上的按钮或在I和 O键的按下和输出分别标记点和出点。

Premier marked clip

FCP:Final Cut中还依赖于传统的空间 ,如京客隆和屏幕上的控制方法。 FCP的X还提供了一个新的导航所谓略读的方法。它类似于擦洗,但是它的滑动光标沿事件浏览器中的剪辑,所以没有选择或拖动参与。

Event Browser


FCPX点和出标志也略有不同。 I和 O键功能相同,但有没有可用的按钮。相反,当您单击并拖动你通过镜头出现脱脂,黄色范围选择表明您标记的地区。

FCP Marked Clip


第2步 - 选择目的地轨道

Premiere Pro的编辑点应设置在序列。如果没有设置编辑点,然后播放头的位置将被用来作为一个点。


Premier Sequence in point



Premiere Source/Destination Tracks



Premiere Inserted Clip


第3步 - 编辑剪辑时间轴

Premiere Pro中:


Premiere Overlaid Clip



FCP Insert/Append buttons



FCP Appended Edit




插入编辑的方法是使用事件浏览器插入到故事情节显着,推动现有的媒体,以及以同样的方式,使空间,因为它在Premiere Pro剪辑。然而,FCP的X使用只播放头或分离器的位置设置一个点。


FCP Inserted Edit


正如你可以看到这两个应用程序都使用类似的工具,但有时在非常不同的方式。无论您是FCP的X '小号编辑革命的风扇或强硬的传统主义支持者的Adobe Premiere Pro(或像我一样,同时享受),最终的结果是相同的,最重要的事情后,所有的编辑本身是。

Comments (4)

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  • BenB
    It is VERY wrong to not include Connected clips, as that is the alternative to tracks. It is also wrong to state there is no overwrite, as ther very much is, and it is very flexible and easy.
    • 7 years ago
    • By: BenB
  • David Smith
    I'm glad your a fan of FCPX Ben, but like I said at the start, it's a big subject and a limited space to write in. I'll be covering Connections in another article don't worry. As for Overwrite, I did mention it but I didn't go into detail as its not a primary editing function anymore in my opinion. Though it is very simple I agree.
    • 7 years ago
    • By: David Smith
  • ProPhotog
    After editing with FCPX for 3 months now I can tell you that not having tracks that I can control has become very time consuming because this timeline has elements jumping all over the place. There are times when I can drag a transition across the timeline and randomly another element will snag it, copy it and paste it to itself. I have list 3 pages long of weird stuff that happens when editing in FCPX. The Magnetic Timeline will not last among any editors who really want to speed up the the workflow! Deleting one element can delete more if not all of the project at Times.
    • 7 years ago
    • By: ProPhotog
  • David Smith
    If you're using a lot of storylines you might find consolidating them useful (similar to nesting). As for your other issues I havent heard of those before. Sounds like yours might be a bit buggy. Remember this is only version 1. With only the first update done, so like most apps it's not 100% fixed yet I doubt. Have you reported the issues to Apple? Maybe Ben has heard of some of them?
    • 7 years ago
    • By: David Smith
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