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的Final Cut教程:如何创建“辛德勒的名单”/欢乐谷单一颜色的隔离效果
Rounik Sethi on Wed, December 29th 0 comments
Jaw-dropping visual effects and animation in film are becoming more and more sophisticated and more expensive. It seems every year it requires more wizardry and money to create a sense of awe and wond

令人瞠目结舌的视觉效果和动画电影正在变得越来越复杂和更昂贵的。它似乎每年都需要更多的魔法和金钱,创造一种敬畏感,难怪观众。创建一个戏剧性的视觉效果,并不需要花费你的一只胳膊和一条腿,但...随着一点点想象力和Final Cut Pro,Motion和其他视频编辑软件包,您可以创建令人难忘的效果,产生情绪化的反应。


Read on to find out how to re-create this effect in your own footage using Final Cut Pro's Color Correction tools.

This effect works best with footage where the color you wish to emphasize (e.g. the Moscovy Duck's distinctive red plumage around it's head and neck area in the image below) is the only instance of that color in the shot.

01 - 添加色彩校正效果

With your clip in the Sequence, navigate to the Effects Tab in the Browser and drag the Color Corrector effect onto the Canvas window. This adds the effect to your Sequence.

02 - 展开的色彩校正

在查看器窗口,单击“色彩校正”选项卡上,查看它的设置。现在点击小灰披露三角形 (左下- “ 限制的影响 ”)。这将显示所有隐藏的限制作用的控制,我们需要访问。

03 - 选择一种颜色

Click on the Eye-Dropper (Select color) under the 'Limit Effect' area and choose a color from the canvas window. In this example I chose one of the shades of red. Notice that the limit Effect bar becomes active.

You might need to click a few times with the Eye Dropper tool to select the desired color.

04 - 首先隔离和删除颜色


Lower the Saturation slider to 0 and untick/uncheck the boxes next to 'Sat' and 'Luma'. Next, drag the sliders in the Limit Effect bar to increase the range of shades/colors which are included.

The color you have selected will turn a grey color. You may need to play with the Limit Effect slider to make sure the color you have selected does not remove any skin tone or other aspects of your footage. You can always increase the Limit Effect colors later... so it's better to apply more conservative settings now.

05 - 反向选择

现在点击“ 反向选择 ”按钮(在右下角的色彩校正按钮-根据按键)。

The clip should become black and white with only the desired color you previously selected visible.


如果您有任何的提示,以分享让我们知道,在下面的意见,以了解更多信息,一定要看看这些的Final Cut教程。

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