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使用标记快速削减在Final Cut PRO X访谈
David Smith on Tue, February 28th 3 comments
While many FCP 7 users may be feeling the lack of sub-clips in FCP X, David Smith finds a way around using the keywords for selections to quick-edit interviews in FCP X.

的FCP X的,我听到很多人不喜欢的一个方面是一次范围的起点和终点都设置在事件浏览器选择范围只剩而被选中的剪辑。的时刻,你选择了另一个范围剪辑,将需要重新选择。带回subclips,我听到你说什么?以及多数民众赞成关键词,当然加强。

不过,在我看来,一个更快的方法切割的对话,特别是访谈,它涉及到使用标记。在FCP X标记是有点不同,比他们在FCP 7,我认为他们已经发展成为一个非常有用的功能。下面是该方法。

第1步 - 添加标记


Modify marker



第2步 - 添加更多的标记


Other markers


第3步 - 导航标记


Markers in EB


步骤4 - 编辑项目

创建时间轴中的一个新的项目( 命令- N),将其命名为面试 。编辑整个剪辑,时间轴的标记。它看起来像这样:

Timeline with markers


第5步 - 导航时间轴标记


Timeline Index



步骤6 - 切成段采访

从工具菜单或 B拿起刀片的工具选择。要稍微容易确保,捕捉切换( N,如果它不是)。


Cut clip



第7步 - 再顺序的剪辑


Re-ordering clips




第8步 - 清理




第9步 - 一个更快的方法

接下来的时间,不首先命名的标记,只是看剪辑, M每次事情的关键,您的编辑说。然后从那里编辑在一起。如果你需要编辑标记名称上双击在时间轴指数标记后。

它并不完美,但它的快速和容易。你可能想尝试一下,看它是否适合你。 ID喜欢听到任何其他建议做类似的东西!

Comments (3)

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  • Sturzen
    I really like this straight forward tutorial and I've been teaching this technique myself in the video classes at my Apple Training center in Sweden. I definitely will links this page in the future. Keep up the good work! Thanks! /Fredrik Sturzenbecker, Apple Certified Trainer - FPCX10.1
    • 4 years ago
    • By: Sturzen
  • Thanks for the tutorial, interesting take on Markers and the blade tool. When you say bring back sub clips, don't we have sub clips in the form of compound clips? (Select a clip and choose File > New Compound Clip and you can name the clip. I've heard that compound clips can slow down FCPx too. ) I assume that your your interview was a single camera shoot hence the need to move the bladed clips around? I've been trying to wrap my head around FCPx's many different ways of tagging clips and it appears there are numerous ways to tag a section you like - favorite, marker, keyword. Favorite are nice but you can't see them in the Timeline index, a range selection with a keyword just show the entire clip with a blue keyword line and markers obviously can't show ranges ....... here's hoping 10.0.6 will fix some of these issues :)
    • 7 years ago
    • By:
  • David Smith
    Sorry I've taken some time to get back to you, I've been otherwise indisposed. Your right in saying that Compound Clips can be used in the same way as Sub-Clips. Although without the ability to storyboard clips a'la the Thumbnail view in FCP 7, I can't yet see the benefit of using them instead of Keywords. I'm going to keep looking though. I would use this method to cut together one or a series of of one Camera interviews, yes. If I was editing a 2 camera interview I'd use the fantastic Multicam workflow. The technique I've described isn't to everyones taste, but it's an option for dealing with interview footage that needs to be cut together quite quickly.
    • 7 years ago
    • By: David Smith
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