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5 Best New Features in Illustrator CC 17.1 and InDesign CC 9.2 Update
Martin Perhiniak on Mon, February 17th 0 comments
Learn more about what goodies Adobe introduced to Illustrator CC (17.1) and InDesign CC (9.2) in their latest round of updates. Martin Perhiniak focuses in on his 5 favorite new features.

Since the introduction of Creative Cloud, Adobe promised to provide regular updates to all their creative applications for Creative Cloud members. Seeing these new features come through, I must admit they really kept their promise. This is the second big round of updates to the design applications since the introduction of Creative Cloud and there are several great new features and improvements to existing features. In this tutorial I will walk you through these changes added to InDesign and Illustrator.

Tip 1: Typekit desktop fonts in InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

Creative Cloud includes a new way to access and implement fonts in your creative work in InDesign CC and Illustrator CC'"Typekit desktop fonts. You can now use fonts across your applications and keep your design vision consistent across projects by syncing fonts to your desktop and using them locally in any application. 

You can choose from a growing library of over 900 desktop fonts, sync them via Creative Cloud, and use them in any application. New features in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC offer a convenient new way to browse and sort Typekit fonts, right in the font menus. 

All you need to do is to add fonts from Typekit button in the Character pull-down in Illustrator CC to browse Typekit fonts. This will open up the Typekit website where you can experiment with the options: Sort by Classification, such as Sans Serif, Script, or Decorative. Change the example text, and check out the information about the participating foundries. 

Once you chose a font from the site and install it, almost immediately, the selected fonts are available to all applications on your computer. In the Character pull-down, click the gray 'T' icon next to Filter to view only Typekit desktop fonts. Select any of your text in Illustrator or InDesign documents and apply one of the new fonts that you synced from Typekit. 

Typekit desktop fonts are OpenType® fonts, and they can be used just like any other font on your system; they can be converted to outlines, and can be embedded in PDFs, EPUBs, and DPS apps. 

Tip 2: Live Corners in Illustrator CC

One of the top customer-requested features, Live Corners lets designers interactively edit the corners of closed shapes and open paths. Corners can be rounded, inverted or chamfered. For precision, specific values can be input into the Control panel or into the Corners dialog box, available by double-clicking the on-art controls.

All you need to do to start using the Live Corners in Illustrator CC is to select the Direct Selection tool (A), select an anchor point to display the Live Corners widget for the point, then drag to control the corner radius. 

To un-round a corner, just select the Live Corners widget icon with the Direct Selection tool and drag to the original corner. If multiple corners are selected, dragging a Live Corners widget affects.

This improvement makes it much more intuitive to make changes to the corners of your shapes, but in case you need precision and more control you can also Double-click or Opt/Alt-click on a corner widget icon to display the Corners dialog box where you can dial in your preferred radius and corner effects.

Tip 3: Responsive SVG in Illustrator CC

Responsive SVG ensures that complex vector graphics will visually scale within a web page for clear viewing on multiple devices or when browser windows are resized. Illustrator CC now provides the ability to make SVG act responsively so it scales according to different sized viewing environments such as mobile devices or scaled browser windows. 

Responsive web design is becoming a standard thanks to people using the web more on mobile devices with all kinds of different screen resolutions and orientations. Responsive content means that when the browser window is resized, responsive content changes size so graphics and text are still visible.

With the increasing demand to feed a wide range of screen sizes and mobile devices, Responsive SVG in Illustrator CC lets you deliver artwork that displays and scales properly across a range of browser and device environments. 

Tip 4: Simplified creation, management and editing of hyperlinks in InDesign CC

InDesign continues to improve designers' ability to create pixel-perfect designs and typography for print and digital publishing. Its rich set of tools allows designers to continuously explore new creative and productivity techniques in a familiar environment, integrated with Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition. Hyperlinks are an important component of almost every interactive document, whether you're creating an EPUB, an interactive PDF, or a Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) project. 

Improvements in the Hyperlinks panel and context menus make the creation and editing of hyperlinks much easier in InDesign CC. One of these improvements is that in the Hyperlinks panel green icons indicate that the entries are valid hyperlinks. InDesign also automatically creates a Character Style for hyperlinks, which can be used to visually indicate them in your documents.

InDesign includes multiple types of hyperlinks:

  • URL: Link to a web address.
  • File: Link to a file, following a relative or absolute directory path. 
  • Email: Use mailto: to trigger an email application.
  • Page: Link to a page in the document.
  • Text Anchor: Link to selected text in the document.
  • Shared Destination: Direct multiple hyperlinks to a single destination.

Tip 5: All-new Pencil tool in Illustrator CC

The Pencil tool is ideal for sketching out concepts with a natural hand-drawn look. With this release, the Pencil tool is completely new under the hood, driven by advanced technology that defines better curves. In addition, there are new options to extend paths, draw straight lines, and automatically close paths. 

Couple the Pencil tool's intuitive behaviour with a drawing tablet or touch screen, and you have a powerful tool for free-form vector drawing. 

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