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Rounik Sethi on Thu, February 3rd 0 comments
Everyone knows Apple's iOS App store has been a runaway success since it's launch. Everyone wants to create the next big iApp success story. But almost everyone believes you need to be able to program

大家都知道苹果的iOS App Store的巨大成功,因为它的发射。每个人都想创造未来的大IAPP成功故事。但几乎所有人都认为你需要能够在Xcode中首次应用方案和组装,?错了!现在, 任何人都可以创建自己的iOS应用的App Store将提供数以百万计的潜在客户。使用AppOmator简单的图形用户界面,你可以轻松和不写一行代码构建一个iPhone或iPad应用。


01 - 简介

Making an Album App is not only a cool thing to do, it also provides Copy Protected versions of your music to your fans! Because all Apps must be downloaded from the App Store to your device, there's virtually zero piracy of Apps, which means wrapping your songs in an App is an excellent way to copy protect them.

Best of all AppOmator is a very cool tool and makes creating iPhone and iPad Apps a breeze.

02 - 应用概述

This app consists of three menus. A splash screen (when you launch the app), the Main Menu and the Track List.

03 - 时间轴概述

AppOmator has tracks (like in Final Cut, Logic, Garageband, etc). Each track has a Timeline which you can place your audio, video or even still images in.

04 - 带有标记工作

For DJ Mixes, this feature rocks. Imagine a DJ Mix which is 40 minutes long. In a Timeline you can create Markers which allow you to jump to the different parts of the mix directly from a menu button or using the Next/Previous Transport controls. Adding and deleting markers is very intuitive.

05 - 跳跃按钮标记

Buttons have targets, that they can "jump" to. This means any button in a menu can jump to another menu, a track, and even better a marker within a track.



07 - 应用服务质量得到

苹果的App审批程序越来越严格。不要让把你虽然!看看这个关于如何使用AppOmator额外的功能可以帮助您的应用程序通过App Aproval过程帆的提示视频。

请记住,使您的应用程序看上去尽可能专业,给它一个更好的机会被发现和下载。使使用Photoshop来为您的菜单设计专业的按钮和图形,伟大美观的幻灯片放映使用AppOmator的画廊功能... ...投入额外的时间设计您的应用程序构建之前,可以帮助使其在App Store上大放异彩!




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