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建立在逻辑的T - Pain合作的自动调谐的影响
Rounik Sethi on Sat, December 18th 4 comments
One of the most popular vocal effects plug-ins used over the past couple of years has to be Auto-tune. Listen to T-Pain and a whole host of other contemporary musicians and you'll hear it in action.

最流行 ​​的在过去几年中使用的声乐效果插件之一,已经被自动调整。 T - Pain合作雪儿和其他当代音乐家一大堆,你可能会知道我指的是什么。是的,那就是warbling高亢的歌声,你要么爱,恨,由爱生恨的效果...爱或恨。


而不是急于买的自动调谐(您可能会喜欢做的工作),逻辑具有内置的工具来模拟这种效果。请继续阅读以了解如何... ...

01 - 选择一个或两个声音

对于本教程中,我选择了几个苹果循环的Logic Studio,41 Mikal抒情和Rachel抒情01,并将其置于一个音轨上。您可以使用自己的声乐表演或任何你希望的循环。


[音频ID =“512”]

02 - 什么是关键?

请记住,您使用的循环或音频文件,它是一个好主意,要知道它被创建的。Mikal抒情的关键不关键信息,因为它被设计成一个口语循环和雷切尔抒情循环宋键 C。

03 - 寻找逻辑内置的自动调谐

There's really only one plug-in you need to use in Logic to create the basic T-Pain effect. It's called Pitch Correction. Click on an empty Insert slot on the Audio track's channel strip and choose:
Pitch > Pitch Correction > Stereo / Mono (depending on whether you are using a mono or stereo audio file).

04 - 间距校正基础

首先,插件的音高修正看起来有点令人生畏。我们不需要在这里走在巨大的深度,但如果你想了解更多有关检查出的“逻辑7 202”教程的视频24日和25日。 LOGIC 7插件接口并没有改变,因为,所以它绝对值得一看!

Back to our T-Pain effect... Here is what the default settings on the interface look like:

最喜欢逻辑的插件,它有一个输入,中间/过滤器部分和输出区域。移动到左边你的眼球( 使用全局调整 )。这个区域,确定它是否将使用当前的项目设置,适用于任何球场校正。我们不打算现在要触及这一权利。

  • The Scale and Root area allow us to choose the different pitch quantization grids and the root note of the scale respectively.
  • The Keyboard basically allows us to choose a note we don't want to be pitch-corrected. So you can think of this middle section like a filter area.
  • The Correction Amount display at the bottom of the interface shows how much pitch correction is being applied in real-time.
  • And finally, the Response slider is like Attack on a synth. It determines how quickly the pitch correction will be applied to the incoming audio signal. 
  • The Detune slider then allows us to detune the output by a desired amount.


05 - 规模和根


点击上规模弹出,选择“ 主要尺度 ”。下一步点击弹出,并选择 C或任何键,你的声乐表演所在

06 - 响应和失谐

为了得到接近的T - Pain合作和雪儿的自动调节作用下降到0ms响应滑块拉。这将导致在球场校正立即踢。

Play around with the Detune setting. For my examples, I've found that somewhere between +10 and +20 gives the effect I'm looking for.


[音频ID =“518”]

在第一个样品,你可以听到一个字“ 押韵 ”被应用到很多间距校正。第二个样本的“ 感觉”具有鲜明的自动调谐效果。这可能是一个好主意,以减少信号的失谐量和根和键盘的旁路注意到,获得一个更令人印象深刻的冠冕堂皇的结果。

07 - Xtra的提示


  • Try recording your own vocal performance with some longer sustained words
  • Let your vocals purposefully glide slightly lower or higher than intended
  • Add Automation to the Detune setting
  • Add Logic's Chorus plug-in to the Channel Strip for a fuller sound
  • Apply Pitch Correction to drums, percussion and other sounds. Listen to the Synthesizer loop 014 below (dry and then pitch corrected) as an example of how to create some wacky sounds!

[音频ID =“519”]



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  • Dekuruy
    Nice one, Rounik, Thanks. I just bought the T-Pain iPhone app recently, so now I have multiple ways of achieving this effect.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Dekuruy
  • Rounik Admin
    Hey Adam, Thanks. What's the T-Pain for iPhone App like? Does it work well?
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • Dekuruy
    Hey Rounik, I've used it so far only with the standard Apple headset that comes packaged with the iPhone. The auto-tune function works fine, but audio quality is not great (but workable). That maybe the headset. Check out this vid to see it in action live - T-Pain's app makes it's appearance near the end. I'll let you know if I use it with better equipment and if it sounds better that way.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Dekuruy
  • Thanks Man that was on point..
    • 8 years ago
    • By:
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