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在Logic Pro雷克斯文件的导入和使用
Mo Volans on Sun, May 8th | 0 comments
If you have a lot of .Rex files in your library, or are just a fan of the format, you’ll be glad to learn that Logic handles them pretty well.

如果你有很多。雷克斯在库中的文件,或只是一个格式的风扇,你会很高兴,学习的逻辑来处理他们颇能。这不只是一个点击过程中虽然有几个选项可用在这里。让我们看看整个事情是如何工作的... ...

第1步 - 导入您的雷克斯文件。

导入。雷克斯文件到Logic Pro的进口任何其他音频文件相同。您可以使用相同的导入音频..功能,甚至可以更直接的拖放方法。

只要你输入一个音轨,你应该打没有问题的逻辑应该认识到您的雷克斯文件作为一个完全可以接受的的格式。然而这一点后,您就可以开始看到在这个过程中的一些分歧和一些新的对话方块会出现。采取在这些未来的期待... ...

第2步 - 决定,决定... ...


Some very interesting info about Propellerhead’s Copyright



Some options will now pop up...


  • Don’t Fix - This option will import your Rex file in its raw state, put all the slices in order and on the same track. They will overlap and you may experience some drop outs due to this overlap. Things will be tight and well timed but you may experience a few playback issues.

The don’t fix option


  • Crossfade - This will do much the same as the option above but will actually create small crossfades to smooth the transition between the overlapping slices. This is certainly a better option but can be a little tough to edit if you are used to slicing raw audio files.

The crossfades are applied


  • Add Tracks - This is without a doubt the least used option in my studio. Logic will actually add a track for every slice in the file!! This could possibly be useful for Rex files with very few slices, but in most scenarios it simply creates too many files. 

Slices are placed on several tracks



  • Render into a single file - An extremely useable option that renders your Rex slices into a single raw audio file. Nice and simple.

The Rex file becomes one raw audio file


  • Render into Apple loop - This is arguably the most transparent option here. Your Rex file will be immediately transformed into Apple’s proprietary ‘Apple loop’ format. This will not only give you a single, solid file but you will also retain the ability to change the tempo of the file in realtime.

... And now an Apple loop

... ...而现在苹果循环

第3步 - 编辑结果


The folder containing all our slices




需要更多的逻辑捆绑的技巧和窍门吗?退房的逻辑 TNT2 和逻辑 TNT3 。

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