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如何使在Logic Pro中的多波段管压缩机
Mike Watkinson on Thu, October 13th 4 comments
While Logic Pro 9 comes bundled with a very capable Multiband Compressor it lacks the circuit types found in the standard compressor. Mike Watkinson wires up a solution using Aux channels.

Logic Pro中hasn't了一个专用的多波段管压缩机插件。有一些猜测,同一压缩机电路类型选项在逻辑标准压缩机的插件将添加到版本9 MultiPressor,但它并没有被。也许在Logic Pro中X?在此期间,您可以构建自己的使用辅助渠道。也许它不是最快的方式来创建一个信号处理器,但你可能更容易理解它是什么做!

多波段压缩机背后的想法是,你可以申请到不同频段,不同的压缩设置,真空管或阀门内置的情况下,每个频带可以利用独特的声音特性的优势,这些组件可以借给健全尤其是当驱动硬盘 。


  1. Add three stereo auxiliary channels by clicking the ‘+’ button on the far left of the mixer (choose the first available bus as the input, and tick the ‘Ascending’ box)
  2. Set up a send to each auxiliary channel from the channel that contains the file you are mastering
  3. Set send levels to 0dB by Option-Clicking on the send level
  4. Add a low-pass filter to the first Aux channel (the low end signal), and a hi-pass filter to the third Aux channel (the top end signal) and set the cutoff points to taste
  5. Add a High Cut and a Low Cut filter to the second Aux channel (the mid-range); this is in place of a bandpass filter which Logic does not provide. Set the cutoff points to coincide with those in the lo and hi-pass filters
  6. Add Logic’s Compressor plug-in to each auxiliary channel (after the filter)
  7. Set each compressor to the circuit type of your choice (see below)


MultiBand tube compression with three bands



MultiBand tube compression using Multipressors as filters



  • Platinum: Emagic’s own compression algorithm
  • Class A_R: Neve 2264/33609; the R is for Rupert. This would be vacuum tube style compression
  • Class A_U: Vari-Mu e.g. Fairchild 670/Manley. Again a vacuum tube emulation, but designed to be more transparent than the R.
  • VCA: DBX 160/SSL G-Master buss compressor
  • FET: Urei 1176 or similar
  • Opto: Teletronix LA2A or similar

了解有关逻辑的压缩机和在MultiPressor 逻辑的掌握工具箱“和“ 奥拉夫的电子乐的工作流教程 。

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Comments (4)

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  • GaryHiebner
    Excellent tutorial. I like the idea of using the Multipressor as a frequency splitter. This can come in handy as well to split the frequencies up and apply different effects other than compressors on the different frequency bands for.
    • 9 years ago
    • By: GaryHiebner
  • thirdspace
    Yes - that's a great idea. I particularly like the way you can easily decide to split frequncies into 2,3 or 4 bands! Thanks for the comments Mike Watkinson
    • 9 years ago
    • By: thirdspace
    Does anyone know - Do I need to do this tube compression if sound was already coloured by compressor while it was at mix? Because to colour 2 times the same sound I think isn't a good idea...
    • 9 years ago
    • By: SABOND
  • thirdspace
    Well...the amount of colour you decide to add is completely up to you and what your ears decide. Sometimes a track will need a lot of colour - sparse hip hop for example benefits from extra colour and crunch; busy mixes with lots of distorted sounds (guitars, vocals etc.) might suffer from too much colour. What's important is to have a range of tools available to you so you can tailor your production to the needs of your ears (and your clients of course!)...
    • 9 years ago
    • By: thirdspace
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