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Rounik Sethi on Mon, October 4th 2 comments
Advanced Audio Editing Techniques for Logic Pro & Express Editing audio in Logic 9 is easy. You can resize, cut, paste, copy sections of a region using the Marquee tool, etc. But one little known ...

编辑音频逻辑9是很容易的。您可以调整,剪切,粘贴,复制的部分地区,使用选框工具等,但一个鲜为人知的逻辑功能是滑编辑区域内的音频能力。如果你熟悉视频编辑,知道的Final Cut的编辑功能 ,那么你会明白我的意思。对于任何人谁是不是来自这个视频背景,我将解释。在坚果壳,防滑编辑维护该地区的持续时间(或长度),但区域内的音频编辑的起点和终点。





第1步 - 锁

Select the region in the Arrange area and choose Region > Lock SMPTE position
Notice that a padlock icon appears in the top left of the region. SMPTE locked regions will be fixed to their current position in Logic's Timeline. They will not move even if you change the tempo of the project. (Remember you can unlock SMPTE position after you've performed the slip edit if needed.)

第2步 - 锁排列位置

现在,我选择了锁定该地区的SMPTE的立场,因为这一步不为我工作,我的系统使用逻辑9.1.1。 ,但是,它可以正常工作为您。所以,你可以选择跳过上述步骤1和,而不是使用下面的锁定位置命令。 (如果你愿意,可以使用这两个命令)。

Double-click on the region to open it in the Sample Editor.
Now make sure that Edit > Lock Arrange position when moving anchor is enabled/ticked.

Extra Tip: In Logic, audio regions are aligned to their grid position by an Anchor point. When you move an audio region in the Arrange area you'll notice the vertical white lines at the beginning of the region help you align the position of the region. These white lines are not tied to the region's start point, but to the anchor point. If you move the anchor point for a region in the Sampler Editor then you'll notice that those white 'align' lines will move respectively.

第3步 - 手持工具



第4步 - 选择地区

To update the region from our selection in the Sample Editor choose:
Edit > Selection to Region
(you can set this up as a key command in Logic Pro > Preferences > Key Commands)

Notice that the audio has been "slipped" in the Arrange area's region. (See image below)
Note: Remember to UnLock SMPTE position for the region if you need to.




Select the region in the Arrange area and choose Window > Audio Bin
(You can't do this in the Audio Bin Tab as it doesn't display the waveforms of audio regions.)

第2步 - 隐藏滑工具

放大音频斌窗口,这样你就可以很容易地看到波形。鼠标指针定位在该地区的音频斌窗口的下半部。指针变为双箭头... ...本质上滑的工具 !在我们开始滑编辑之前,请注意,在下面的PIC波形的位置。

第3步 - 滑,最简单的办法!


这有它的方法 B是肯定更容易执行该方法 ,但类似方法的技术是非常有价值的方法来了解这些游客较少的命令,并在逻辑的样本编辑器的菜单!


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  • Thanks Rounik for taking our little forum question and turning it into an opportunity to provide value for the whole MPV community! Small sidenote about these two techniques - after trying both I'm finding myself leaning towards the sample editor window approach - simply because it is a much larger display of the waveform and easier to adjust more accurately... when that audio window gets stacked full of waves it can get pretty difficult to navigate and slip accurately!
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
  • Rounik Admin
    Hi Nate Thanks! Good point! Yes I also prefer using method A for the same reason. In case anyone is interested you can find the original forum post here: :)
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
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