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価格のカットとLogic Pro 9ではヒット数のApp Store
Rounik Sethi on Sat, December 10th 4 comments
Logic 9.1.6 is now available exclusively on The App Store and it's less than $200 — 60% cheaper than before... and ALL MPV Logic tutorial-videos are now 60% cheaper, too!

密接にアップルに続く人にとって、それはロジック9.1.6が最終的にダウンロードのみの製品としてApp Storeでリリースされていることは驚くに来るかもしれない。パッケージ版は廃止され、価格は60%大幅に削減されています。その内容と機能がhasn'tを設定するとははい、ロジックスの価格は、急落してきました!

そして、あなたはそれがコンテンツ40GBのダウンロードにかかる時間を聞かれる前に:Appleは介してこれを考えている! Logic Proの9.1.6のための最初のダウンロードは413 MBです。 (MainStageは2ウェイで、個別に利用可能です)。ロジック9.1.6内には、今あなたがダウンロードしたいのJam Packや余分な(または必須の)コンテンツを選択することができます。遅くてもインターネットに接続しているユーザーにとってはこれはお近くのApple Storeへの旅行よりも速かったし、再びになります!

そう、バック価格へ: ロジック9は現在60%安くなる(!$ 499から$ 199)のMainStage 2は、ちょうど29.99ドルで利用可能です。



これらは、どこのチュートリアル - ビデオ利用可能な最も包括的なロジックです。あなたが初心者またはより高度なユーザーであるかどうか、weveはあなたがカバーだ!あなたのiPhone、iPadやMacでお知りになりたいですか?行って。


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Comments (4)

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  • steveH
    I am so pleased that all my tutorials are priced to reach a larger audience! Igor was pissed... but he's always been a little greedy! I've been itching to do another Logic tut! Any suggestions?
    • 7 years ago
    • By: steveH
  • Dekuruy
    Another amazing move by MPV!! As if your Logic tutorials weren't already providing a huge bang for the buck, you now slash prices by 60%!! This is just one reason why MPV is a model for all businesses out there. High quality products and excellent customer service are clearly high priorities for all at MPV. Many thanks, guys, as always! And yes, Steve, any tutorials you would do would be very much welcome by me. Can't wait! (Just keep Igor caged up while you're doing them). I'll write back here if I think of any suggestions. All the best, Adam
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Dekuruy
  • Kgi111
    Hi Steve, As a happy amateur, I find making space and room in a mix very difficult. Say you have a very tight 3 voice backing vocal I find it very difficult to make it bright an crisp. But at the same time not being a thin 3 voice backing vocal. I have aleays been impressed when a 40+ track mix sounds easy and light with lots of room for instruments and vocals. I find my mix often to be to cramped and at times messy even though timing between everything is tight
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Kgi111
  • GaryHiebner
    Hi Kgi111. It takes time to get mixes with perfect balance and space. I would definitely recommend looking through the tutorials on MacProVideo. MacProVideo gave me endless Logic and Mixing tips and tricks. Definitely have a look at Steve H's tutorials for his excellent Logic tips and tricks: And the Studio Production tutorials to better your mixing and mastering skills:
    • 7 years ago
    • By: GaryHiebner
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