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Ian Graham on Fri, February 11th 1 comments
You've probably seen the new digital mixing boards where the band plugs into a patch bay on stage that is controlled via an ethernet cable to a FOH mixing board.


On stage we will have a laptop with a soundcard that has enough inputs to put the band into the PA. I recommend getting at least an 8 XLR input soundcard with Firewire such as those from MOTU or Presonus. These soundcards can also be daisy chained for more inputs. From this stage laptop we are going to connect an ethernet cable to the laptop at the front of house. Whether you use a CAT5 or CAT6 cable is up to you but CAT6 is known to be faster and block out interference especially over long distances.

第1步 - 设置屏幕共享


第2步 - 音频/ MIDI设置

现在转到您的“ 工具 ”文件夹,笔记本电脑都打开了“音频/ MIDI设置“。点击“ 网络 ”。每台电脑添加一个会话,如果一个是已经不存在。在阶段的笔记本电脑,在“舞台笔记本”的类型,根据本地和Bonour名称和笔记本电脑在“笔记本电脑的FOH”的FOH类型。

You should also see in the "Directory", your laptop that you can connect to. A green light shows who's on your network and be sure to hit connect. Once connected you will see "Participants".

第3步 - MIDI输出。会见控制器

这两款笔记本电脑的需要MainStage中运行。的“ 舞台笔记本 ”一切正常,麦克风输入,效果,显示器发送等,并应设置与乐队也许使用“混频器”模板开始。 “FOH笔记本 ”使用了MainStage输出发送数据的“ 舞台笔记本电脑的硬件控制器”简单的MIDI。 FOH笔记本电脑需要添加一个外部仪器的渠道,使我们可以我们的舞台笔记本电脑发送MIDI。一定要设置MIDI输出到你的控制器!

第4步 - 建立连接

好了... ...现在凉爽的部分!从FOH笔记本电脑连接到舞台上的笔记本电脑使用“ 屏幕共享 ”。只需打开一个新的Finder窗口,在左栏中,你应该看到“ 共享 ”菜单下的舞台上的笔记本电脑。点击“共享屏幕”,如果需要在您要连接到舞台的笔记本电脑... ...不是你的FOH笔记本电脑的登录名和密码的类型。


第5步 - 学习布局

在舞台上的笔记本电脑,在主级使用的“ 学习 ”功能在“ 布局 ”模式,分配给所有的推子,平底锅,等,无论你想从硬件控制器。确保分配,以“ 设备 ”,“ 舞台笔记本电脑网络 ”,它与您的控制器进行通信。

My Korg nano Controller has 4 "Scenes" which allow me to assign different things to the knobs and faders.

Of course bigger controllers will allow more settings. Now you could also do this wirelessly! BUT... do you want to take that chance of losing the wireless connection or somebody with their iPhone trying to "hack" in? Personally, one cable is easy and guarantees a connection.



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  • Might sound like a stupid question, really enjoyed looking at this option. Okay now for the question... How do you input the instruments/mics into the laptops? Can anyone give me an example product? Say to input 12 mics and 4 instruments? Plus whether this is still a viable option? Cheers, Bob
    • 9 years ago
    • By:
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