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Rounik Sethi on Sun, December 26th 4 comments
If you mistakenly deleted one of the factory channel strip settings from the Logic Instruments folder you may be able to restore it painlessly without the install discs. Rounik Sethi demonstrates how.

你是一个逻辑的用户吗? 托比亚斯埃舍尔的文章备份你的逻辑为基础的系统是必不可少的阅读!有什么比失去通过你自己没有过错的数据更糟糕。但如果您有常见的疾病 - “点击ITIS”你知道,敦促点击“OK”每一个对话框警告框来自己的方式 - 不小心删除了从工厂的通道条设置的“01逻辑工具“文件夹中的图书馆?


01 - 删除设置

In this case, I've created a new Software Instrument track and chosen to open the Library. By default Logic loads up the Channel Strip Setting in the Library: 01 Logic Instruments > EVP88 Electric Piano

These default Instrument Channel Strip settings are easy to restore as they are simply the default Instrument inserted as the Input on a Software Instrument track. Restoring a more complex channel strip setting (with custom instrument and effect settings) is difficult and in this case prevention is most certainly better than a cure! (See Tobias' article).


Simply click and hold on the "Setting" button at the top of the Channel Strip and choose:
"Delete Channel Strip Setting."


如果你够勇敢点击“ 删除 ”,你会发现,通道条设置(CSS)不再出现在图书馆领域, 并没有命令Z(撤消)的金额将其带回!

02 - 重新的设置


创建一个新的曲目或重置你目前的通道条。通过点击顶部空槽下的通道条的I / O部分,现在,插入该通道上的一个新的EVP88仪器。从选择“EVP88”

03 - 保存

点击并举行最高层的插槽(所谓设置),选择“保存通道条设置... ...

给它命名为“EVP88电钢琴 ”,并保存在默认文件夹。

现在,您已经保存在通道条设置您的默认的用户文件夹。如果你想将其移动到工厂文件夹:“01 Logic乐器”,然后按照下面的步骤。

04 - 对CSS的用户位置

从逻辑切换到Finder。打开两个新的Finder窗口( 命令N)文件


用户/ *你的用户名* /资料库/应用支持/通道的地带设置/仪器 /

在这里你可以看到我们刚刚创建的EVP88电气 Piano.cst设置。

TIP: You could now create folders and move your settings around manually. This makes organizing your custom CSS really easy.

05 - CSS工厂位置

在第二个Finder窗口导航到出厂设置,重要的是其中的01 Logic乐器文件夹所在。

HD /资源库/应用支持/逻辑/通道条Settings/Instrument/01 Logic乐器/

正如你可以看到,我们缺少原EVP88电气 Piano.cst文件。




如果您有任何的提示,以分享让我们知道,在下面的意见,以了解更多信息, 一定要看看这里的逻辑教程。

Comments (4)

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  • Mizzle
    Hey Rounik, Thanks for posting this. I was helping a friend when he got stuck on step 4. Just wanted to point out a small omission in the file path... /Logic/ left out. It is in there in step 5 (he just didn't look ahead). Probably not really an issue for anyone else and I don't mean to nitpick but my buddy was pulling his hair out...he's a little slower than the rest of us ;) Perhaps this will help out one or two people who stumble upon this article in the future. Thanks for your work!
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Mizzle
  • Rounik Admin
    Thanks for the pointing that out - I don't consider this nitpicking at all. File paths are very important :) I've amended the file path in the article. Hope you and your friend continue enjoying the articles and videos here at MPV! Best Rounik
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • Hi Rounik ! I deleted level mastering 3 because I did not find another way of simply removing it from the master, how to you get rid of it if you want no channel strip setting ? now I have lost this particular channel strip setting and don't know how to get it back, cheers mate !
    • 7 years ago
    • By:
  • Rounik Admin
    Hey, Yes, you shouldn't delete default channel strip settings... ever really... IMHO that's a bad option to have in that menu. You simply need to choose the 'reset' option from the channel strip setting menu. That will reset the channel strip to its default state. i.e. without any plug-ins on that channel. HTH Rounik
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
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