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macProVideo.com打开6! 2011年2月24日
Martin Sitter on Thu, February 24th 11 comments
"Time keeps on slippin' ... into the future ..." those are some of the truest words ever sung into a song. Today turns 6! It amazes me we've come so far ... In the last 6 years we've

“时间不断slippin”走向未来... ...“这些都是一些成歌曲传唱有史以来最真实的话。今天macProVideo.com变成6!我非常惊讶,我们已经走了这么远... ...

在过去的6年中,我们已经出版了超过220教程方案,包含超过600小时的视频的教员,我觉得是行业中的佼佼者。我们已经从利基满足Mac Pro的应用程序的培训的网站,行业最大的专注于Mac的训练场地,和#1 Mac用户学习的地方。

如果我说什么,我觉得我们有别于其他,它的事实是,我们不是简单的教程公司,只有像我们所有的竞争的视频,... macProVideo.com是一家技术公司,这也使得高质量的软件培训。我们投入了大量的时间和精力,在我们的专业领域创新。我们做软件,提供卓越的用户体验,当谈到学习您的计算机是如何工作的,这使得所有的差异!

根据我们带6年,我向您承诺,我们的成员,我们创新的历史,将持续到未来。在过去的一年中,我们创建了一个新颖的系统发布内容的iPad,iPhone和iPod Touch。这一系统被称为“appOmator”,我们用它来发布我们的教程,作为独立的iPad和iPhone的应用程序,您可以下载到移动设备,并采取你需要的地方去。有超过70我们的教程目前iPad和iPhone,我们按月这些平台上发布新的教程应用程序。

Ableton Live 101 App

  • Cubase 101 App
  • Flash CS5 101 App
  • Lightroom 101 App
  • 在未来的一年对我们来说,最大的新闻是我们的新的零售计划。我们已经创建了一个美丽的可回收的盒装产品,其中包含一个接入码在线教程库。该产品将在您的本地音乐/软件/ MAC商店的货架上很快,所以如果你不喜欢在网上买东西的人之一,您将可以步行到离你最近的吉他中心等地方我们的图书馆的柜台用现金购买获得。事实上,吉他中心是为我们的主要零售商,以及三月底,我们的产品将其商店的货架上上。

    On this note, if you have connections with a local retailer, please send them to our site to check out our retail program ... we want to include them!

    最后,我想花一点时间来讨论的东西,我最自豪的,这是我们的教程库本身。我们已经投入建设的最高质量的软件教程可在网上随时随地收集了很多努力。一本成功的很大一部分是由于有一个像史蒂夫H.出版商为之不懈努力,发现和培养我们的业界领先的专家培训人员名册。我们从来没有去过类型的公司出版的“某些人的训练”... ...我们的教练员都认真熟练,并在各自专业领域的认可,我们只打算提高在此,为未来的展开。有一些令人惊讶的内容,即将到!

    时间不断滑向未来“... ...而且它的未来将是令人兴奋地看到!我想感谢所有支持我们,我们经过多年的种植,我们的成员... ...我们不能没有你这样的人!!

    Martin Sitter

    Comments (11)

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    • Jupygou
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY MPV! Keep those tutorials comin'! =)
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Jupygou
    • GrantP
      Congratulations to Martin, Steve H., and everyone at the team. I cannot even begin to express how much your tutorials have helped me in learning Logic Pro, mixing, mastering, and so much more when it comes to music production. Every time I buy another tutorial, I'm yet again blown away by (1) the quality of instruction, (2) the quantity of material, (3) and the obvious time and effort put into each product. You're truly a class act,, and I'm constantly telling others about both your music-related offerings and your other tutorials as well. Here's to the future! Cheers, Grant Pasay
      • 8 years ago
      • By: GrantP
    • Sir Joe
      Thanks for helping me during the last 3 years to understand better how my "toys" work. I've been watching your tutorials over and over and every time I find something useful which I either forgot, or just did not pick the first time :-)
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Sir Joe
    • Nyhubii
      Fantastic! Congratulations to Martin and the whole MPV team! I remember having lunch with Martin in vancouver years ago, when we discussed me doing a video tutorial for MPV. Look at where MPV is today, awesome!
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Nyhubii
    • Vixywoi
      Happy Birthday! /Mikael
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Vixywoi
    • Cavahia
      Many, many happy returns. I am an original MacProVideo customer and enthusiast and your tutorials enrich my creative world daily - among them Logic, iMovie, Final Cut and many more. I would also like to make special mention of Steve H who has unravelled many of Logic's mysteries in a most entertaining and lucid manner. Wishing all at MacProVideo all the best and looking forward to the future and more birthdays.
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Cavahia
    • viberoom
      Love the tutorials. Thanks a bunch for getting stuck in there. And look forward to seeing how things develop in the time ahead. Best of luck.
      • 8 years ago
      • By: viberoom
    • Kygikoe
      Congratulations on your success and Happy Belated Birthday! keep up the great work!!
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Kygikoe
    • GaryHiebner
      Thank you to Igor as well for all the help over the last few years.
      • 8 years ago
      • By: GaryHiebner
    • sjcmpbel
      Thanks guys for the great instruction. I am now producing my first CD with Logic and am making great progress- without your help, I would not have been able to do it. Thanks again, keep adding content, keep adding great products !
      • 8 years ago
      • By: sjcmpbel
    • Rafael
      Thanks Guys!!! I've been with you from the beginning and it's great to see you expand, develop & grow from strength to strength. Many Happy Returns!!!
      • 8 years ago
      • By: Rafael
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