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Martin Sitter macProVideo Now Blogging
Martin Sitter on Tue, February 16th 2 comments
Hello World ... Martin Sitter from macProVideo is now blogging ... As the Sole Owner and Publisher of NonLinear Educating Inc. specializing in online software video tutorials in programs like Logic Pr

Hello World ... Martin Sitter from macProVideo is now blogging ...

As the Sole Owner and Publisher of NonLinear Educating Inc. specializing in online software video tutorials in programs like Logic Pro, I've been under extreme pressure for years to write a blog. My System Architect, jMar, has been demanding a blog since he started working for me almost 5 years ago ... I've always said no. Steve H. was so hot to trot about blogs that we actually implemented a blog feature on our site for just this purpose. I never used it. At least a few times a month users write to me suggesting I blog about the site so they can keep up to date ... I have never followed this suggestion.

There's a simple reason why I don't blog. It's not because I'm too busy (although I am), it's not because I don't think I have anything interesting to say (because I do), and it's not because I'm worried what people will think about me (because I don't care).

I don't blog for 1 reason only: I don't want to kill my business.

I am an opinionated person ... That's just a fact. As an opinionated person, I'm prone to speaking my mind. The good news is that everything I say is always correct and I can only tell the truth. The bad news is I make people mad because often they don't agree with what I say (maybe I've already agitated you off by writing the above ... oh well, get over it).

As a Canadian weaned on British television, I've been cursed with a sardonic wit that most people don't understand in person, let alone in writing. I say things I think are funny in our forums, and the next day someone has taken such great offence that they've posted my photo, personal phone number, and geo-coordinates to my front door on dozens of defaming websites (how do they even GET this info?!?). I know his happens because people that do this kind of thing are usually so happy about it that they send me links to prove how clever they are. For months after, I get phone calls at all hours of the day from people that have read the posts, know who I am, and expect me to drop everything to help them use their software. The conversation usually goes like this:

(I'm at dinner with my girlfriend when the phone rings)

Me: Hello?

Caller: Is Martin Sitter there?

Me (cringing): Yes, this is him.

Caller (pauses): Oh, great!! I just want to say I've read your books and seen your videos software tutorials, they are amazing.

Me: Thank You.

Caller: Ya, so I'm just having a little problem with Logic Pro ...

Me: Uh, yeah, uh ... I'm actually out for dinner, but if you contact our support ...

Caller (cutting me off in mid sentence): Oh, this will just take a moment.

Me: Right, uh ... like I said I'm out for dinner ... it's not a good time.

Caller (stunned): Oh. But it'll be really quick ...

Me: It's not a good time ... sorry.

Caller (now offended): Okay, well bye.

The conversation ends.

Anyway, I've learned from experience that for me to speak in public is for me to enter a battlefield, because there are always some people that will disagree with what I say. And a small subset of these people will disagree so vehemently that they'll write about what a moron I am on every forum they can find that accepts anonymous posters. Other's that actually still like me will then grab my phone number and call me. After that they don't like me anymore. A lose / lose situation.

As a company owner and a respected member of the software community, it simply makes no business sense for me to ever post anything publicly, anywhere ... let alone write my thoughts into a blog!! Forget about it ...

So here I am blogging now. Why?

Well ... blame my new marketing director ... and honor. This marketing director has done amazing things for our site so far. She's accomplished things ... I've never been able to do that myself.  Because of this success I trust her when she says a blog is a key to keeping in touch with our customers (even if they don't always like what I have to say). Okay, I get the business case ...

But really I'm doing this out of honor: I said I'd do whatever ti takes to support her marketing initiatives ... she was kind enough to remind me of that this morning when she told me to do this blog.

So here I am, a victim of honor, blogging to the entire web. Let's see what happens ... Hello World ...

Martin Sitter
NonLinear Educating Inc.

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  • Myjydey
    In my opinion it was a good decision to start a blog! I started to read the first one and then I had to read the rest. Like your tutorials. I can´t stop once I started with it. And who needs a blog without honesty? That´s a big point why I like it. You say (or write) what you think... and that´s good! Very good! And if people don´t agree with that, who cares? They should start their own blog haha. Anyway, keep on doing it... It makes just more interesting! Best regards to your marketing director :) Congratulations to your 5th anniversary and all the best for the next 5 yrs. Kind regards from Austria! rob
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Myjydey
  • Martin
    Thanks Rob I'm glad you are enjoying our software tutorials .. and also my blog! I have to admit, I'm having fun writing it ... :)
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Martin
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