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Pro Tools的10:32位浮点音频的优点
Mike Watkinson on Mon, October 24th | 6 comments
In theory 32 bit floating point audio is the way forward. But how will it change the way you record and mix in Pro Tools? What are the practical benefits and disadvantages? Mike Watkinson explains.

在新的Pro Tools 10是能够创建32个浮点音频文件,除了16位和24位选项,我们都习惯于在录制时,。太棒了! ,这是什么究竟是什么意思,什么是您的系统的影响呢?


32位浮点音频文件的理论动态范围大约1680分贝。 144分贝24位录音的比较,你会发现,它的很大的进步!多数民众赞成在分辨率方面比很多人的大脑能不断破译。添加到这一事实,有没有音频接口,目前可用的模拟 - 数字和数字 - 模拟转换器是什么,但16或24位,你可能开始怀疑 - 最新点?



  • Clipping during AudioSuite rendering
  • Unnecessary noise introduced by AudioSuite dithering
  • Rounding errors during signal processing



因此,它是一个好事,从质量上看,有32位浮点格式从一开始就在您的音频,但有一个缺点吗? 32位文件大于24位的50%,相当于16位的大和100%。例如,60秒44.1 kHz单声道16位音频会占用大约5 MB的硬盘空间,需要一个83 kb / s的数据吞吐量这些数字将增加一倍,在32位。还有庞大的数字也许用今天的标准,但10分钟(单声道)64在32位和192 kHz记录的跟踪会话将占用约28 GB,并要求48 MB / s的数据吞吐量刚玩回来。

Relative data sizes for different bit depth files




Quick Start dialog


New Session dialog


此外,Pro Tools的新功能10S的能力,支持在同一个会话(那些已使用Pro Tools从第一天开始,请挑选离地面自己!)多种文件格式,因此,可以添加(如反对转换)现有的32位文件到已设置为其他文件格式记录的会议,并在会话设置“对话框中,你也可以改变录音文件格式上飞(的设置

Bit depth can be changed mid-Session!



Bounce in 32 bit


Export in 32 bit from the Clips List


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Comments (6)

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  • Tamir
    Very good article. I have something I can not understand: How do you calculate 1680DB? 6DB X 32 = 192 dB What is the formula with which you've reached in 1680?
    • 2 years ago
    • By: Tamir
  • Finite
    A bit depth of 32 bits is not equal to 1680 dB of dynamic range. We count approximately 6 dB per bits.So in this case 32 bits = 192 dB.
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Finite
  • thirdspace
    Hi Finite While you are correct in stating that 32 bit systems would allow a theoretical dynamic range of 192 dB, this would only be the case if those systems were 'fixed point'. Floating point binary arithmetic allows a far greater range of numbers to be represented using the same number of bits. A theoretical 'dynamic range' of 1680 dB does not make a lot of sense to humans whose hearing ranges from 0 dB (the threshold of silence) to about 150 dB (the threshold of pain), so I find it easier in this case to think in terms of 'resolution' - that is the accuracy with which analog amplitude can be represented in the digital domain. In other words, 32 bit float is significantly more accurate than 24 bit, and data loss (whihc affects audio quality) through rounding and so on as signals pass through plug-ins is much less of an issue if the audio files themselves are 32 bit float to start with... Hope that helps!
    • 7 years ago
    • By: thirdspace
  • Nuts
    32 bit FLOATING POINT has a theoretical dynamic range of 1680. You are referring to fixed point.
    • 5 years ago
    • By: Nuts
  • qK
    • 7 years ago
    • By: qK
  • Finite
    Thanks thirdspace for the explanation. Actually, I did not understand floating point numbers and how they work ...
    • 7 years ago
    • By: Finite
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