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Andrew Apollos on Mon, January 17th 1 comments
In a previous post, Mo Volans explains how to add groove to our beats by using the Regroove mixer in Reason and Record. This is an indispensable tool when creating your beats and today I want to take

在一前一后, 莫Volans的解释如何添加使用Regroove混频器的凹槽,我们的节奏,在理性和记录。这是一个不可缺少的工具,当你的节拍,今天我想借此概念更进一步,向您展示如何提取从循环槽的“映射”,以将它们应用到你自己的轨道。

你可能会问的第一个问题是,为什么我要提取从轨道槽?答案很简单,作为一种基于计算机的生产商,你的目标是让你的MIDI音轨的声音尽可能做到这一点的最简单的方法自然是有东西,已经有自然的感觉,你的MIDI音轨“排队” 。

Read on to find out more...

Now although that is a very simple answer and does not go into the mechanics of MIDI timing, this answer and the following exercises should suffice to convince you. Additionally it's great fun to learn how much power is at you hands with a little snooping around.



Let us First add a Dr. Octo Rex to our Rack.


Next let's open the Reason factory sound bank by clicking on the folder icon on the Dr.Octo Rex and select Dr.Rex Drum loops.

我要选择抽象嘻哈文件夹, 选择Trh10_Herblize_090_eLAB.rx2。


Now what is important to understand about this file name is that number in the name tells us what the tempo of the loop is. So we see that the tempo is 90 bpm. Let's set our sequencer to 90 as well. Doing this does not affect the groove we are extracting but it does keep the playback accurate to the original file.



You will see that I have copied this loop for 2 bars into the sequencer.

Next we want to pull up the tool window and select the 3rd icon in which is called groove settings.



Now we need to name and save our groove template. Press the save icon in the groove window and precede to name and save your new .grov file.





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