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Crear un icono de Apple iOS para tu página web
Toby Pitman on Wed, August 3rd 2 comments
You have a website. Check. It works great on iOS devices. Check. If someone bookmarks it to the Home screen your custom icon appears. Not sure how to do that? This tutorial is for you.

En este consejo Im va a mostrar un tamaño de un proceso más sencillo para todos forma de añadir un icono de favoritos para dispositivos móviles de Apple.

Paso 1 - Crea un sitio web!

Todas usted necesitará hacer un sitio web es un poco de pegamento, una botella de plástico y algunos imperdibles. Bueno, es broma! Esperemos que ya se tiene un sitio web con acceso a su servidor a través de su empresa de alojamiento.

He hecho una maqueta rápida de un sitio ficticio llamado mascotas perfectas:

Pretty rad!!!! Look, it’s got a kitten on it! Holding a gun!! Awesome!! 

I want to create a nice bookmark icon that people can add to their Home screen on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads for quick access to my awesome site. 

Tamaño y Resolución

The screen resolution (in pixels) for Apple iOS devices varies. Here’s a rundown:
  • iPhone 4          640 × 960  @  326 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • iPhone 3G       480 × 320  @  163 ppi
  • iPad                1024 × 768 @  132 ppi

The recommended icon size for a web clip icon varies with the different types, too:
  • iPhone 4         114 × 114px (high resolution)
  • iPhone 3G        57 ×   57px
  • iPad                  72 ×   72px

Although these are the guidelines, all these devices will automatically rescale your image to the right dimensions. So you really only need to make one, the largest, sized at 114 × 114px.

Paso 2 - Hacer un icono!

I’m going to design my icon at four times the size of the resolution I need so I can apply some detail. I’ll scale the image down later.

My document is 456 x 456px at 72dpi. I’ve also placed some guides 80px from the edge of the document to center the artwork. The grey area is representative of how the Apple device will apply rounded corners (20px for a 114 x 114 icon) to the image (yes, it does this for you!!) And the nice glass reflection effect, too!!

This is just there as a guide and won’t be in the final image.

Since we’re working at four times the size this works out at an 80px rounded corner (the width of my guides).

So here is my quick icon design! The shape is centered inside the guides and it has a little bit of texture to it.

OK, so it’s not going to win any awards but what the hey! You could use your company logo or whatever you like. As long as it’s better than this you're good to go!!

Flatten the artwork and go to Image > Image Size and scale the icon down to 114 x 114px (or by 25%).

We’re done!! 

Go to Save For Web And Devices and save the image as a 24-bit PNG file. You can call it what you like.

Paso 3 - Poner en Internet

Upload your PNG image into the root folder of your website. This will be the same place as your index.html file. If you're using Wordpress this will be in your ‘Theme’ folder, something like wp-content/themes/your-theme.

All you have to do is add this line of code to the section of your HTML files. Inside Wordpress this would go in your ‘Theme’ header.php file. 

The rel="apple-touch-icon" in the link is telling the Apple device that there is an image available to be used as a Web clip icon.

Here’s my code inside Coda.

That’s it! 

Marcador que Sucker!

Now when somebody uses the ‘Add To Home Screen’ function on your site inside iOS Safari they will see this screen with your icon! You may find you have to wait a second as Safari loads the image.

Once they add it it will appear on their Home screen as an icon. Here it is on iPhone 3GS:

And on iPhone 4. Because of the Retina display this should capture some real detail:

All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the money to roll in! Sweet!

Seriously though, this can add a nice little professional touch to a website and the fact that the Apple device adds all the effects for you makes it really easy.

Want to learn more? Check out these Photoshop tutorials and these Web Design tutorials!

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  • John parker
    Great Website. I learned a lot from this website and now I am going to tell this website to my friend so that they also take advantage of this article. I also have a website which provide Yandex Customer Service to get the solution.
    • 12 months ago
    • By: John parker
  • Hi Great post - do you know if there's any way in Safari on the iPhone to have a "bookmark this site" link within the site for one click bookmarking, similar to the Javascript approach that works for desktop browsers? Or in fact if the normal desktop code also works for iPhone (and indeed Android..?) thanks!
    • 8 years ago
    • By:
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