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Logic Pro X 103 - Recording and Editing MIDI.
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  • 1

    How many ticks are contained within a beat (quarter note)?

  • 2

    These can be used with cycle record to record multiple takes back to back within Logic.

  • 3

    What is the shortcut to pull up the Controller Assignments window?

  • 4

    Press ____, then ____ to quickly select the Pointer Tool in the edit tools pop-up window.

  • 5

    What is the shortcut to record in Logic?

  • 6

    What is the shortcut to capture record/capture recording?

  • 7

    What MIDI feature can be used to make sure that a note will play back when the playhead starts in the middle of the note?

  • 8

    What is the shortcut for Force Legato?

  • 9

    What value represents a fully depressed sustain pedal?

  • 10

    The General MIDI standard was introduced in _____ and added additional requirements and improvements on the MIDI standard.

  • 11

    Groove Templates can be learned from both MIDI and Audio regions.

  • 12

    MIDI CC number 001 is what continuous controller?

  • 13

    Which type of quantization allows you to quantize individual MIDI notes, or a selection of MIDI notes within a region?

  • 14

    Toggle MIDI IN for step input by pressing:

  • 15

    Open the piano roll editor in its own window by pressing:

  • 16

    The MIDI Transform Window can be pulled up by pressing:

  • 17

    Use a lower buffer size when recording, and a higher buffer size when mixing.

  • 18

    MIDI FX come AFTER software instruments in the MIDI signal chain.

  • 19

    Which swing quantization preset produces an 8th note triplet / 66% swing?

  • 20

    Triplets divide the quarter note beat into how many 8th note subdividions?

  • 21

    Scale Quantize allows you to quantize pitches to major or minor scales; however, does not allow for modes, like Dorian or Mixolydian.

  • 22

    Which quantization value represents a whole note?

  • 23

    Velocity is designated with a value between:

  • 24

    Which advanced quantization parameter allows you to create arpeggios from quantized chords?

  • 25

    Which Replace Mode inputs new MIDI notes into a region, but does not separate the region?

Logic Pro X 103
Recording and Editing MIDI
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