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Buchla 102 - The Easel Explored.
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  • 1

    Banana cables can be stacked on a CV output and sent to...

  • 2

    Combo mode on the Lo Pass Gate is a combination of...

  • 3

    To self-cycle the Pulser the "trigger select" needs to be in "self" and the mode switch need to be in ...

  • 4

    Upon powering up your Easel wait 30 seconds before touching...

  • 5

    With the Timbre Knob all the way CCW the wave produced is a...

  • 6

    When all sliders are in the top most position the Envelope is...

  • 7

    In order to patch and program sounds be sure the Control Switch is set to:

  • 8

    The Blue Preset Voltage Source output can be sent to...

  • 9

    The Modulation Oscillator is normalized to...

  • 10

    When using the Mode Switch of the Lo Pass Gate in the bottom position the LPG becomes...

  • 11

    The Timbre slider applies wavefolding to which type of waveshape?

  • 12

    When a slider is in the bottom position it sends out how many volts?

  • 13

    In the CV matrix all black jacks are

  • 14

    Best setting to receive MIDI is the Pulser trigger select in Keyboard and...

  • 15

    Options for voltage control of the Lo Pass Gate are via

  • 16

    In order for an external audio signal to be brought into the Easel the Gate Source switch need to be set to

  • 17

    The Inverter inverts...

  • 18

    This to get complex rhythms this patch uses both the Sequencer and...

  • 19

    Which of the paired sliders controls the amount of CV

  • 20

    Once you understand the Easel it will be easy to understand...

  • 21

    The "once" switch is handy for tuning stages of the...

  • 22

    The iProgram Card can memorize how many patches?

  • 23

    The program cards points and traces mimic all of the Easel's...

Buchla 102
The Easel Explored
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