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EastWest 103 - EastWest 103: Tools for Film, TV & Games.
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  • 1

    What does ‘EXP' mean in a Hollywood Woodwinds library patch?

  • 2

    How do accents work in the Hollywood Strings library?

  • 3

    What does ‘On Bow' mean?

  • 4

    What is the difference between MIDI multis of SD2 and the performances of SD3?

  • 5

    Who was the engineer on EWQLSO?

  • 6

    Which controllers does the EWHS like to see the most?

  • 7

    Why would you create a separate lane for key switches?

  • 8

    What 3 countries provide Silk with its sounds?

  • 9

    In Hollywood Strings, what does NV NV VB MV mean?

  • 10

    What does ‘SUS 6' mean in a string ensemble?

  • 11

    What is a waterphone?

  • 12

    What is portamento?

  • 13

    How do the timpani libraries make rolls easier?

  • 14

    What is the main purpose of Goliath?

  • 15

    What is ‘microtuning'?

  • 16

    What is an example of a brass effect?

  • 17

    How would you route the audio from EWHS out of the Play engine to separate tracks of your DAW?

  • 18

    In Stormdrum 3, what is the difference between Tune ‘A' and ‘B'?

  • 19

    In Stormdrum 2, what is the purpose of the ‘Zendrum' settings?

  • 20

    What is David's favorite instrument from the Gypsy library?

  • 21

    What is an example of an effect articulation for the woodwinds?

  • 22

    What does ‘DXF' stand for?

  • 23

    In Stormdrum 3, how do you turn on the SSL channel strip?

  • 24

    What does ‘Legato MOD' do exactly?

  • 25

    What does ‘H' and ‘W' mean in the woodwind trills?

EastWest 103
EastWest 103: Tools for Film, TV & Games
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