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FL Studio 102 - MIDI Recording and Editing .
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  • 1

    How to access the note properties dialog?

  • 2

    Where can you find the ‘Receive Notes From' option?

  • 3

    Where can you find the Link to Controller option?

  • 4

    Record Quantization is also called?

  • 5

    Event Data can be changed to Automation data. True or false?

  • 6

    Which is the one tool that will let you create, select, delete and slice notes?

  • 7

    MIDI Data always gets recorded into the selected pattern in the Pattern Picker. True or false?

  • 8

    With Multilink multiple controller assignments can be made quickly. True or false?

  • 9

    How many glide note types are available in FL Studio?

  • 10

    Instrument Tracks have a little "I" icon on the playlist header. True or false?

  • 11

    Ghost Channels only show instrument note sequences from the same pattern. True or false?

  • 12

    You can drag and drop patterns from the Pattern Picker into the Playlist. True or false?

  • 13

    How many chords can be created with the Chord Stamp tool?

  • 14

    The length of input notes depends on the last selected note. True or false?

  • 15

    What two options need to be ON for loop recording?

  • 16

    The Precount has how many options?

  • 17

    Under which menu will you find the MIDI Settings option?

  • 18

    Double-clicking on a pattern clip with only Continuous Controller data will open which window?

  • 19

    Quick Quantize affects which two parameters?

  • 20

    Where can you fine the Arpeggiate Tool?

FL Studio 102
MIDI Recording and Editing
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