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Guitar Production 101 - Pop Arranging Explored.
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  • 1

    Performing a two-note guitar part in separate takes gives you

  • 2

    Experimenting with the placement of upbeats and downbeats can help to:

  • 3

    Why would you layer a sampled instrument with the guitar?

  • 4

    The primary role of a “Pulsing” Guitar part is to:

  • 5

    In an interlocking guitar part, both guitars:

  • 6

    A rhythmic motif is characterized by:

  • 7

    Adding additional layers of distorted power chords creates a change in:

  • 8

    How can you create a part that contrasts the groove?

  • 9

    Sustained guitar lines can be used to:

  • 10

    With Modulation effects the delayed signal is modulated by:

  • 11

    What's a good test of catchiness?

  • 12

    In a Call and Response part the guitars create:

  • 13

    In a Funky Octave part the second note is _____ higher than the first.

  • 14

    Distorted power chord guitars blend naturally with this type of synth waveform:

  • 15

    Muted ghost notes are:

  • 16

    Modern Pop Guitar is characterized by:

  • 17

    What are the three notes in a power chord?

  • 18

    What type of pick should you use in order to get more of the attack transient characteristic from the acoustic guitar?

  • 19

    A G natural harmonic is produced on the guitar by:

  • 20

    What type of guitar is most commonly used for Funk?

  • 21

    Which of the following is an example of a Color" tone in a major7th chord?

  • 22

    Layering the guitar in octaves gives it more ______ in the mix.

  • 23

    A Wah pedal can provide a resonant _____ effect.

Guitar Production 101
Pop Arranging Explored
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