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iZotope RX 6 101 - Musician's Toolbox.
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  • 1

    How many nodes can you manually adjust in the spectrum window?

  • 2

    When the Absolute option is enabled, what range does the Threshold control work in?

  • 3

    What audio material would you select when programming the Spectral De-noise Learn feature?

  • 4

    What is an advantage of recording (and processing) in 32-bit floating point?

  • 5

    What control modifies the balance of Musical noise vs. Gating?

  • 6

    What is the keyboard shortcut for enabling/disabling the Playhead Returns on Stop option?

  • 7

    What is the primary advantage of saving files in the .rxdoc (RX Document) format?

  • 8

    What are the two noise components you can adjust with the Reduction sliders?

  • 9

    Which interpolation setting works best for long selections?

  • 10

    What generates most unwanted mouth noises?

  • 11

    Which De-crackle module control would you adjust to remove more quiet crackling?

  • 12

    The Spectral De-noise module can be programmed during preview in real-time. (True or false?)

  • 13

    Name the two ways you can load audio files into RX.

  • 14

    Where are the Composite mode buttons located?

  • 15

    What Tone shapes can you choose from in the Signal Generator?

  • 16

    Why is it better to reduce rather than remove breath noises?

  • 17

    What Compare Settings button do you click to load the preferred settings back into a module?

  • 18

    What frequency range do plosives appear in?

  • 19

    What button would you click to ensure a Processing step will apply the desired settings?

  • 20

    What Time & Pitch module control would you adjust to maintain percussive sonic elements?

  • 21

    Many of the RX repair modules work as plug-ins. True or false?

  • 22

    Which button would you click when some of your plug-ins are missing?

  • 23

    What is the keyboard shortcut for choosing the Time-frequency selection tool?

  • 24

    What step must be performed before creating a Region?

iZotope RX 6 101
Musician's Toolbox
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