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Live 9 103 - MIDI Recording and Effects.
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  • 1

    How do you duplicate selected notes?

  • 2

    Unlinking an envelope will let you ____________.

  • 3

    Which way of recording MIDI is not available in traditional DAWs?

  • 4

    What is an Envelope?

  • 5

    Which button do you need to click if you want to play a clip (or selected notes) at half speed?

  • 6

    What is the key command to Duplicate Time?

  • 7

    You need to enable Warp Mode to apply a Groove on a clip. True or false?

  • 8

    What is the key command to Quantize selected notes?

  • 9

    How do you split a clip?

  • 10

    How can you deactivate selected notes without deleting them?

  • 11

    Which button do you need to activate to record Automation in Session view?

  • 12

    The Invert Notes function will reverse the selected notes horizontally around the center of the selection. True or false?

  • 13

    Decay is the level in which the sound is held until released. True or false?

  • 14

    What is MIDI?

  • 15

    How can you quickly select all the notes within a Loop Brace?

  • 16

    What is the key command to consolidate a clip?

  • 17

    What is the key command to open Live's Preferences?

  • 18

    What key command will let you switch between the Draw Tool and the Pointer Tool?

  • 19

    How can you easily relocate a clip from the Arrangement to the Session view?

  • 20

    What it the key command to move notes up or down an octave?

  • 21

    What is the key command to access the Quantize Settings?

  • 22

    Which of the following is NOT a Live 9 MIDI effect?

  • 23

    Shift-dragging automation breakpoints deletes underlying automation. True or false?

  • 24

    The Reverse Notes function will turn the selection upside down so the highest note is swapped with the lowest note. True or false?

  • 25

    In the MIDI Note Editor, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move selected notes. True or false?

Live 9 103
MIDI Recording and Effects
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