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Logic Pro X 401 - Xtreme Drums & Beats.
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  • 1

    Is it possible to control the Expander plug-in with a side-chain signal?

  • 2

    Barely audible notes played by drummers are called _____________.

  • 3

    Why is it so hard to get Ultrabeat MIDI events to the Arrange ?

  • 4

    How do you change the Velocity of selected notes in the Piano Roll?

  • 5

    Which Logic feature is used in the course to create a unique loop out of multiple Apple Loops?

  • 6

    In Ultrabeat, you can load an entire song and use it as a sample. True or false?

  • 7

    In the Step Editor, which key do you need to hold to zoom in and out?

  • 8

    What is the key command to access the Undo History?

  • 9

    How can you tell which plug-ins and instruments are side-chainable?

  • 10

    What is a Drummer without a girlfriend? ;p

  • 11

    What option will save the activity level in Drummer?

  • 12

    To get access to the Lane Set pop-up menu in the Inspector, you first have to ____________.

  • 13

    What type of files are used to create a custom Space Designer?

  • 14

    Why did Logic's designers make it so hard to use Drummer with other software instruments? ;p

  • 15

    If you want to make sure that a sample imported in Ultrabeat is saved with your project, you have to make sure to tick the Audio Files checkbox in the “save as…” dialog. True or false?

  • 16

    What's the best way to preserve a Drummer performance?

  • 17

    In Ultrabeat, what is Pattern Mode?

  • 18

    When working in higher note resolutions, how can you see the note events more clearly?

  • 19

    When using the EVOC 20 TrackOscillator plug-in with a side-chain signal, which option should you choose under Signal to hear its effect?

  • 20

    Which statement is incorrect?

  • 21

    Which option do you need to choose under “Lane” to edit panning on a drum kit in the Step Editor?

  • 22

    How can you mute selected MIDI notes?

  • 23

    What is the keyboard shortcut to toggle the Drummer Editor on and off?

  • 24

    Logic's Take Folders are designed to…

  • 25

    The EVOC 20 PolySynth is ____________.

Logic Pro X 401
Xtreme Drums & Beats
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