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Audio Concepts 202 - Mastering In The Box.
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  • 1

    Good-quality Masters can be achieved with:

  • 2

    A "character" EQ:

  • 3

    The three most basic tools of Mastering are:

  • 4

    In the heyday of the analog (pre-digital) era, a big part of Mastering was:

  • 5

    Decent Mastering results can never be achieved by anyone outside a high-end commercial Mastering room. True or false?

  • 6


  • 7

    What is the Nyquist Theory?

  • 8

    Most Mastering engineers would say that the best curve for a Fade (at the end of a song) is:

  • 9

    Which would be the best strategy for a Mastering session with several songs for a collection/album?

  • 10

    Which of the following is an advantage of bringing a mix to a dedicated Mastering engineer?

  • 11

    __________ refers to the number of bits used for the Binary Number that describe the Amplitude levels of the Audio Samples.

  • 12

    A Multiband compressor:

  • 13


  • 14

    In a typical un-processed musical wave:

  • 15

    Inter-Sample peaks:

  • 16

    Brickwall Limiting:

  • 17

    The process of assigning Binary numbers to describe sample levels is called:

  • 18

    In a Mastering session, "Reference tracks" would be:

  • 19

    When applying Brickwall Limiting to raise the level of a track:

  • 20

    A Multiband compressor:

  • 21

    What is the highest-quality audio spec for modern Masters?

  • 22

    Which of the following would be an appropriate part of Pre-Mastering?

  • 23

    A "linear-phase" EQ:

  • 24

    Ratios for compression (especially Multiband compression) in Mastering:

  • 25

    The Nyquist theory says that the minimum sample rate for digital recording must be twice the lowest audio frequency to be recorded. True or false?

Audio Concepts 202
Mastering In The Box
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