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Melodyne 101 - Melodyne 5 Explained and Explored.
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  • 1

    The "Save as MIDI File" function in Melodyne works best with monophonic material using the _________ algorithm.

  • 2

    Notes shown in grey are an editable reference. True or false?

  • 3

    Which algorithm will generally work best for guitar or piano?

  • 4

    Press ______ and click to show two working areas at once in the sound editor.

  • 5

    It's generally best practice to put Melodyne _______ in your effects chain.

  • 6

    You can separate notes with both the separation tool and the:

  • 7

    Which tool can be used to remove vibrato from notes?

  • 8

    ________ on the chord track to split chords.

  • 9

    To crossfade/blend volume changes from note to note, use the _____________ function.

  • 10

    Melodyne Studio supports melodic and polyphonic material. True or false?

  • 11

    Use _____ to toggle to the main tool in Melodyne.

  • 12

    Double click with the _________ tool to separate or join notes.

  • 13

    Formant Shifts only affect the harmonics in the recording, not the fundamental. True or false?

  • 14

    Which sound editor parameter allows you to isolate note frequencies/bands within a particular key?

  • 15

    Press F1 ________ for the Scroll Tool.

  • 16

    Melodyne typically makes harmonic note assignment mistakes at:

  • 17

    Which tuning system allows for all 12 keys to be played on an instrument?

  • 18

    Which tool can be used to affect the envelope of a note?

  • 19

    It's possible to reset pitch and timing changes, but not amplitude changes in Melodyne. True or false?

  • 20

    In Melodyne 5, you can pitch correct notes without affecting the sibilants. True or false?

  • 21

    Turn on the ______ too show the position handles for each note.

  • 22

    If you're not sure about the tonic key of audio in Melodyne, use the _________ to find detection peaks.

  • 23

    Which option moves notes closer to their intended pitch on the pitch grid?

  • 24

    Changing the master tuning in one instance of Melodyne will affect all instances of Melodyne in a DAW session. True or false?

Melodyne 101
Melodyne 5 Explained and Explored
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