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OBS 101 - OBS 101 - The OBS Video Manual.
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  • 1

    A scene can have...

  • 2

    Offset allows you to align audio with video signals to compensate for latency and delay. True or false?

  • 3

    How many channels of audio from a multichannel interface does OBS have access to?

  • 4

    Which of these microphone types is often more sensitive to nuance, has a wider frequency response, and is often used for studio vocal recording?

  • 5

    Your stream key should be shared with the public so they can find your live videos. True or false?

  • 6

    Which piece of gear converts the HDMI video signal into one a computer can stream?

  • 7

    Elements can be moved around, but the scene list must always be attached to the bottom of the screen...

  • 8

    Incoming video from multiple cameras must always match in resolution and framerate. True or false?

  • 9

    When capturing a computer screen, you can choose the entire screen or just a portion of it. True or false?

  • 10

    A media file such as a graphic or video clip is considered a...

  • 11

    Resizing text with the 'handles' around the text box can result in...

  • 12

    Game audio from consoles travels over HDMI and typically doesn't require an external audio capture device. True or false?

  • 13

    A video stream from a camera is considered a...

  • 14

    Streaming on one platform means you should share the link and publicize your stream for that platform only. True or false?

  • 15

    Hotkeys are blank by default and can be customized to control sources and scenes. True or false?

  • 16

    Multiview can be placed on a second screen and utilized to switch between scenes. True or false?

  • 17

    Canvas is not always the same size as incoming video resolution. True or false?

  • 18

    Studio mode excels at...

  • 19

    Increasing the bitrate increases the video quality, but also increases...

  • 20

    You always need a 100Mbps or better connection in order to stream video. True or false?

  • 21

    Capturing system audio on a mac requires...

  • 22

    Which of these could be why your video feed from a console 'stutters' or blacks out?

  • 23

    Which of these can have the largest effect on the brightness of your video?

OBS 101
OBS 101 - The OBS Video Manual
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