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  • 1

    Where are special articulations found?

  • 2

    Some scales in Omnisphere are followed by AD. It references:

  • 3

    To create a crossfade in Stack Mode you:

  • 4

    Green / Turquoise markers on Omnisphere controls indicate;

  • 5

    Integrating the iPad with Omnisphere is best done using what kind of network?

  • 6

    What Mode has to be enabled to hear multiple samples?

  • 7

    What button locks sample start time?

  • 8

    Latch and Trigger modes can be accessed from the following two places:

  • 9

    To see user folders in Omnisphere you must browse using:

  • 10

    What is Number 2 Sustain?

  • 11

    What does the Chaos Button in the Envelope zoom do ?

  • 12

    When using multiple arpeggiators in one patch remember that:

  • 13

    Morphing Source can be described as:

  • 14

    What is Sample Start Time usually mapped to on factory patches?

  • 15

    What is arguably the most famous example of modulation?

  • 16

    What three modes are available in Stack Mode?

  • 17

    What is the core sound generating device in Omnisphere?

  • 18

    How are Orb movements saved and recalled?

  • 19

    To enhance the groove of a delay you can:

  • 20

    What is Sample Start Time usually mapped to on factory patches?

  • 21

    Sound lock is used to:

  • 22

    In order to be be musical you should:

  • 23

    Under what menu does one install Omnisphere patches?

  • 24

    How do you tune individual notes in the Arpeggiator?

  • 25

    You can use overlapping tunings in the same Omnisphere patch. True or false?

Omnisphere 201
Omnisphere 2 Xtreme
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