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  • 1

    Negative Bias adds high frequencies to the sound: True or False?

  • 2

    How many fade curves are there to choose from?

  • 3

    How many seconds of silence will trigger the Auto Blanking feature?

  • 4

    What order of harmonics are added when you increase the Harmonics control?

  • 5

    Regardless of the Imager module placement, what is shown in the Vectorscope?

  • 6

    What icon is used to indicate the Auto Gain button?

  • 7

    What button do you press to save your own custom preset?

  • 8

    Which Exciter mode offers a more transistor-like static?

  • 9

    Which codecs (compressor/decompressor) are used in the Codec Preview?

  • 10

    How many bands does the Dynamic EQ offer?

  • 11

    The Dynamics Module is a ....?

  • 12

    Ozone 7 includes both a standalone application and Plugins for popular DAWs: True or False?

  • 13

    You can use both the Low Boost and Low Cut simultaneously. True or false?

  • 14

    The Vintage Compressor is modelled after a ....?

  • 15

    How many modules come with Ozone 7 Advanced?

  • 16

    What button is pressed to allow only one module to be auditioned?

  • 17

    Where are all the files stored for an individual Ozone project?

  • 18

    What is the main advantage of the Digital mode of the Equalizer module?

  • 19

    What does IRC stand for?

  • 20

    How do you access 3rd party plug-ins in Ozone?

  • 21

    Upward expansion is a feature in the Dynamics module. True or false?

  • 22

    Upon which classic dynamics device is the Vintage Limiter loosely based?

  • 23

    What types of audio files can Ozone export?

  • 24

    What type of dynamic control is offered by the Vintage Dynamics module?

  • 25

    Positive Bias saturates the sound further: True or False?

Ozone 7 101
Mastering Toolbox
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