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Studio One 4 102 - Recording and Editing MIDI.
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  • 1

    Open the MIDI Editor by pressing:

  • 2

    Which quantization value has beats and subdivisions into groups of threes?

  • 3

    Quantization presets store the quantization start, end and range.

  • 4

    When using Step Record, it's important to have space between note inputs so they don't overlap and form chords.

  • 5

    This MIDI programming technique allows a sample-based instrument to have multiple articulation layers.

  • 6

    This CC is sometimes called channel pressure, and allows you to press the key harder to get a new modulation effect.

  • 7

    Merge MIDI events together by pressing:

  • 8

    You can hide and show the Record Panel by pressing:

  • 9

    Multi-instruments are limited to 2 instruments per multi-instrument.

  • 10

    Instrument macros allow for 8 rotary knobs, 8 buttons, and 2:

  • 11

    The process of creating a take from multiple takes is called:

  • 12

    Use a _____ block size when recording to minimize latency.

  • 13

    Which type of filter in Mai Tai cuts low frequencies, but allows highs?

  • 14

    Which of the following is NOT technically a control change message?

  • 15

    Input Quantize allows you to quantize all of the notes immediately after recording.

  • 16

    Chorder's presets all use a root tonic note of:

  • 17

    To create a new pattern with the Pattern Editor, press:

  • 18

    Open the Inspector in Studio One by pressing:

  • 19

    What is the shortcut to apply quantization to selected notes?

  • 20

    Toggle Loop Playback by pressing:

  • 21

    This trigger mode allows a sample to play once in its entirety.

  • 22

    MIDI Note FX affect the MIDI and audio signal.

  • 23

    The Repeater Note FX allows you to individually adjust the pitch of each repeated note.

  • 24

    Input Filter allows you to filter pitches, velocities, and continuous controller data.

  • 25

    What is the shortcut to pull up the Add Tracks dialog?

Studio One 4 102
Recording and Editing MIDI
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