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Vocal Tuning 101 - The Art of Vocal Tuning.
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  • 1

    Intervals of 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths should never be mixed together in the same harmony part. True or false?

  • 2

    When using Audio Suite plug-ins in Pro Tools, you have to add them to the channel strip. True or false?

  • 3

    Which of the following is an interval that is used the least in vocal harmonies?

  • 4

    Formant shifting affects the ________ of the vocal tract.

  • 5

    Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Audio Random Access?

  • 6

    What year was Auto-Tune introduced?

  • 7

    It's important to apply ______ to pitch shifted notes to make artificial harmonies more natural sounding.

  • 8

    Hold _________ while dragging notes to bypass chromatic or snap snap.

  • 9

    Which parameter in Auto-Tune allows you to apply more natural pitch correction on long sustained notes?

  • 10

    If you create harmony for a lead, you must make sure to harmonize ALL notes in the lead vocal.

  • 11

    In Auto-Tune Pro, a higher retune speed value (knob pulled up) is a:

  • 12

    When using MIDI data as a pitch reference, you have to mute the ______ so you don't hear playback from two sources.

  • 13

    If you're creating harmonies on an aux channel, you want to hear both the DRY and WET signal on the aux.

  • 14

    An upward formant shift will result in...

  • 15

    Deleting a note in Auto-Tune's graphical mode results in the note still playing, but not pitch correction applied. True or false?

  • 16

    Which tool allows you to adjust the pitch transition speed between notes in Melodyne?

  • 17

    This can be used to route audio signal from an audio channel to an MIDI instrument channel.

  • 18

    If you pitch shift/tranpose a vocal upward, it's best to ________ for a more natural vocal tone.

  • 19

    Which universal parameter in auto pitch correction plug-ins controls how fast a note is tuned?

  • 20

    The Note Assignment Correction will pitch shift notes to the correct octave.

  • 21

    What term describes notes that are outside of the scale or key?

  • 22

    Blue notes are pitches __________ a typical diatonic scale, used for expression.

  • 23

    The Retune Speed parameter in Auto-Tune Graphical Correction is a global control.

  • 24

    Which type of harmonies will give you the smoothest sound and perfectly aligned envelopes?

  • 25

    Vibrato speed is typically around _______.

Vocal Tuning 101
The Art of Vocal Tuning
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